Dec. 16th, 2011 04:16 pm
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Er, also, out of some morbid curiosity, I was going through my really old entries, and came across this meme, which turned out pretty amusing. XD;;;;;

Make a list of all the characters in your icons. (Although you may have more than one icon of a single character, they only go on the list once.) Alphabetize it. Take the first two people on the list; that's your first pairing. Second two people; second pairing. Etc.

The results! )

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So, while putsing around on the internet and not packing like I should be, I went back to take a look at the TV tropes Foe Yay page to find that much had been added since I last looked in 2009. XD; Also, back then, I wasn't into Bleach, and I was pleased with the amount of Foe Yay stuff listed for it (and the fact that the IMAGE for the WHOLE PAGE was from Bleach? That's an awesome macro, by the way XD) I mean, Bleach is completely filled with Foe Yay, but I was amused by some of the comments they had:

Not so much "Foe Yay" as "Rival Yay," but Renji seems to have a whole lot more on his mind than just becoming able to beat Byakuya... Trufax, man. ♥

I also always thought that this was a little questionable in an adorably gay way. XD;

...The list of tropes found in Prince of Tennis is freaking ridiculous. XD;; Also, this. ♥ ALSO, how the hell did OT5 make it onto TV tropes? XD;;;

I am amused.

Meme tiems

Mar. 26th, 2010 09:22 am
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Meme from [ profile] onewhomust!
Comment and I'll give you three special fandoms. Then answer the questions.

All TeniMyu casts! )

Warm weather, come back! XD;
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[ profile] britkit27 AND I ARE GOING TO JAPAN.



In other news, t minus 2 days until I get raped by my Greek Sculpture exam. I wish I could go on hiatus from all my other classes. Or like, life. Why do I have to have a kanji test the same day, seriously?


I should probably get tired of listening to first cast and first cast alone in the near future... but I guess I'm just going to end up identifying them with archaic Greek naked men or something. XD;;; Rival na Futari is like my new favourite song. XD;;;;; It makes Kime!muse smile.

And just... ow, Tuti. That note hurts. And what's with the name of this song? XD
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Apparently, I really can't decide who I pair Gakuto with. XD; Every time I'm going back to good old Oshitari/Gakuto, I happen to see something ShishiGaku or something and it makes me squeal over that. XD;;;

So, since I wanted to create a poll. XD;;; Please give me your opinion! Which is your first favourite Gakuto pairing?

[Poll #1522811]

Please leave me a comment explaining your decision and, if you chose other, telling me who you pair him with! And... don't mind the Sanada thing. XD; It's from an RP...

And I really meant to go to bed at midnight...
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Finally back at Bryn Mawr, and woah, hello thar stress! I already have a list of things that I need to get done before classes start, not to mention once we add homework to the mixture. And lol 日本語が全部わすれました... @____@

However, I meant to post a progress picture of Kime before and never did, so here it is! It's a god awful picture of me; I'm ugly AND unphotogenic as it is, and then add in the fact that my makeup makes me face look strangely white in pictures recently for unknown reasons and you get one freaking attractive picture. >___>;;; But... ignore my ugly face and look at the costume, yes? I just need the wig now, and then I'll take some real, non-scary pictures.

Cosplay! )

Also, I got to see [ profile] hyoutan for the first time in forever! She's finally back from Australia/Japan (and by the way, I'm sick with envy, you. >___>) and we hung out and drank and talked about fandom and watched videos, and it was generally enjoyable. Also, she is to be worshipped, because she got me...


Thank you, [ profile] hyoutan. I worship the ground you walk on now. ♥ My baby and my baby!OTP shall light up my life every time I look at them.

Hmm... sleepy. Bedtime, I suppose...

[EDIT] I'm possibly more amused than I should be that the third comment on Nagayan's most recent post is asking for a two-person photo of him and Tuti... XD;;;

Also, I fscking want this really badly.
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SO. Now that I'm back in the USSR home, I can finally post as I had intended/always do after Christmas.

It was nice, if bit rushed, since we had to go to the airport by 9 am on the 25th, but we always do Christmas on Christmas Eve, anyway, since it's a Scandinavian thing, and I'm Scandinasian. :3 And I got a good haul this year~ :3 The highlights of which being:
❄ The Ubran Decay Book of Shades Vol. II! I'm so freaking happy. I'm so in love with this thing. X3 We should have another model get-together type thing so I can do everyone's makeup again!
❄ A new iPod! I named him Kimeru and I'm going to get him a beautiful sparkly case or something of hat nature.
❄ A sweater dress which is warm and pretty.
❄ A new bathrobe so I won't be cold in my cement prison of a dorm
❄ An iTunes gift card so that I can buy Discover on iTunes!
❄ Quite a bit of money which is always appreciates
And lots of other great things~

And now, for my traditional New Years meme:

2009 )

Well that certainly was a kick and a half. XD;;; This year was so, so different from last year, but it was good! Going back and looking at these old memes makes me laugh a little, but I'm really grateful and happy for all the great people who have made my life fun and wonderful for the past years. ♥

As for New Years' resolutions... Post to my LJ more! XD; Also, as was my resolution last year, lose weight. Though, since the gym is temporarily closed and I don't really have the time anymore, anyway, it will probably have to be more on the "eat right" front, since dining halls are the bane of my existence. *sigh*

Well, my sister is bringing her puppy home for good in the near future so... I better go steel myself @_____@;;;


Dec. 31st, 2009 02:05 am
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Overrides were done by the lovely [ profile] monarchist~

I've been thinking of doing a new song lyrics type theme (Season has always made me cry, anyway... >___>) but I don't really know what to do. My journal is kind of a mix of TeniPuri, TeniMyu, and Kime currently. XD;;; Maybe I'll use "You Got Game" or "Make You Free" lyrics or something.

Also, sometime between when I left and now, the Kime fanlisting died. You have no idea how valuable a resource that was to me. I'm upset. :/

And, it appears my Pillar Pair writing abilities have burnt out. I may just have to contribute my album cover and be done. I feel like an absolute failure. :|

[EDIT] Archive is updated! I have now officially written more Pillar Pair fic than any other pairing for Prince of Tennis. XD;


Dec. 22nd, 2009 12:40 pm
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So, I had THE MOST bizarre dream last night.

Cut to save the flists. XD; )


Dec. 21st, 2009 07:58 pm
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So, yesterday, while Christmas shopping, I bought the black skinny jeans for the Kime cosplay. I found a good fedora and a pair of boots, too, so then all I need is the pink tie and the shirt to alter, and, of course, the wig. I really need to check to see if we're doing the Sailor Moon cosplay all three days of Katsucon or just Saturday and Sunday, since it would be a hassle to get into it after driving there. I'd like to do Kimeru then, since the costume would be comfortable enough to travel in and I could just put on the wig when we got there.

If this is the case, is there anyone else going to Katsucon who'd do actors with me on Friday? [ profile] onewhomust, [ profile] genicheerios, I'm mostly asking you?

Off to work on more Pillar Pair~
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The official banner and link to [ profile] clinck's TezRyo Revolution!

So, if you haven't already, go and check it out! I've already posted a fic (I'm going for one contribution a day, though I'm probably going to fail, and the people who've already posted like 4 things make me feel like a failure >___>; Why am I so slow?) and there are other amazing, amazing people who have posted lots of things, so it's only going to get better! So if you haven't seen it, get your butt over there right now! Even if you don't want to contribute, feedback is always warmly welcomed!

So, basically, get on over there, because it's amazing! I'll also be posting a link to this page on all of my contributions posted to my own journal, so you can always check it out when you see me posting my contributions, too.

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Let's hear some enthusiasm! I don't know what I'm going to do yet, but I'm totally going to do something! Yeah! XD;; After I find out more information from [ profile] monarchist...

I've always wanted to make an FST, but I pretty much only listen to Prince of Tennis music, so I feel like that defeats the purpose. >____>; But I'll try to make icons or something. Or write fic. If I had any inspiration whatsoever...
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I'm fairly certain studying psychology is going to land me in the psych ward sooner or later...

[ profile] yomimashou, when are we doing our gifts?

[EDIT] Lawls, the Yips turned up in my psych book. I'm obviously really tired, since this amuses me so greatly.
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Nutcracker is over... I'm withholding comment simply because I don't really want to talk about it.


Tenimyu actor meme tiemz!! This was lots of fun, especially looking at my old answers from last time. XD;

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I need to start actually posting again @_____@;;; [ profile] lion_crest seriously has eaten my life.

So, currently, my life is rather hectic, but that's okay! ♥ I'm going to talk about the good things here, because no one needs yet another bitchy, whiny lj post, right? XD

Firstly, Caitlin's having my piece close the show for Fall Student Dance Concert! I'm really touched. It's an honour to get to close the show, so I hope the piece turns out well. It's done, but far, far, far from clean. We're really mada mada...

wtf how did I not know that there was a version of "Birthday" by Aozu as well as the one by Ryoma, Fuji, and Oishi for Tezuka? XD;; Somehow, it sounds really weird with Tezuka also in it, because his voice is like 7 octaves deeper than the others', and I like the background version for the new one a lot better. BECAUSE IT IS FILLED WITH RYOMA'S LOVE FOR TEZUKA, OBVIOUSLY. Seriously, the way Ryoma says the line "Mada tarinain'da your dreams" in the version for Tezuka is seriously the sweetest thing ever. ...Actually, honestly, I really don't like the old version. :/ Huh.

*rolls around* Did I have something say in this post? XD;


Oct. 9th, 2009 12:32 pm
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I'm so happy. And so tired. I need sleep. But first I need to pack and do laundry and the dishes and ugh. Not to mention I talked to Caitlin today and she said it was really hard to get an independent major... and I have to think about applying to study abroad... and I have to look into applying for the Jacob's Pillow internship... and I have to talk to Hee Sook about declaring my other major... and I have to fill out the double major form.

And after all of that, I have to fuck my life. OTL


I'm looking forward to Rochester! We're going to cook and watch TeniMyu and Pandora Hearts and do lots of awesome things. And I'm going to write both [ profile] yomimashou's and Tezuka's birthday fics! AND TEZUKA AND RYOMA ARE GOING TO GET BACK TOGETHER IN [ profile] lion_crest THANK FUCKING GOD MY POOR BABY CAN STOP CRYING HIMSELF TO SLEEP AT NIGHT

Last night, [ profile] moonlightlady14 ended up rooting herself in my room and slept over... which may end up happening again tonight... orz. We're so cool.

... And about how many times I've listened to this album now >>;;;;


Oct. 6th, 2009 11:24 am
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I'm listening to Tezuka's new album, "Impressive"...

Firstly, appropriate naming. ♥

Secondly, I want to know what "I LOVE YOU" is about o_____O; I haven't gotten that far into the album yet, but like... wow. What? XD;

Thirdly, TEZUKA IS SO FUCKING SEXY *_________* My Ryoma is rolling around in heartbroken agony as I listen to this ;______; Tezukaaaaaaaa

...Wow, am I made of fail. XD;;; That is basically the summation of this post.
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Okay, I kind of love Genki a lot. I mean, they did have the whole "My friend is cool like Michael Jackson" thing, and the example sentence "Tomoka is bad at tennis" (because OBVIOUSLY someone who wrote Genki watches Prince of Tennis... they're freaking obsessed with tennis in this book.) But today the dialogue homework is so strange. It's listening comprehension, and it's like two businessmen awkwardly gossiping about some guy in their department... but it's about like, his wife cheating on him and things. XD; idk, it seemed really strange to be something I was doing for homework.


Watched the first episode of Another Story 2 yesterday, Naniwa no Oujisama 2. Oh my god. I'm in love with it. It's just... so fantastic. It's about Momo and Kaidoh and all the second and first years preparing for next year when most of the Regulars will graduate, and it was just so much love. And it featured my secret otp of Arai/Kachirou... which was adorable. And THERE WAS AN AMAZNG PILLAR PAIR MOMENT OH GOD. Ryoma's lovestruck face. It was amazing.

Hopefully, I'll be able to watch Rikkai's episode tonight. I hear good things, and even though I don't really care for Rikkai, I'm sure it will be amazing!

... and Tiina has me addicted to this song. XD;
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I ordered myself some more makeup~ I really shouldn't have, but XD; 10 brand new, limited edition, never released before Urban Decay eyeliners!! How could I resist? *___*; I bought my Nutcracker merde gifts, too, so at least I did something useful.

Also, I just had this weird flashback to Magic Knight Rayearth and saw Mokona being all "BECOME THE PILLAR OF--" and then I was like ...wait. XD;;; Strange overlap there. XD;; I want to see Ryoma become the Pillar of Cephiro. XD;
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So, I somehow already managed to get myself sick. I need to start going to bed earlier... the chat for [ profile] lion_crest always keeps me up an hour later than I mean stay up... I should start planning for that. Despite my best attempts yesterday, I feel worse today, and someone mentioned that it might be the flu... >___> I really hope not. Ugh. I'm planning on cutting dance later and taking a nap, so I hope that helps...

Also, I really wish I was in Japan. I need new teacups/mugs, and I super want the Hyoutei cup and saucer (scroll down to the appropriate item on the list... that page isn't good for linking) but, of course, I'm here in America. Goddamn. Also, I know they only came out like five days ago, but I want someone to be selling the second series of charamates really badly TT___TT; I need myself a Tezuka! And there are a few more special someones who I want to get a gift for...

Ah, c'est la vie. *coughdie*

Damn this song. It always gets stuck in my head.


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