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1. Night )
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Karafuto Ojisan
by Chon Wishin

Tohru: Inoo Kei
Gorou: Masu Takeshi
Hitomi: Matsunaga Reiko

"What could it be that we lost on that day..."

(translated from the July 2015 issue of 喜劇悲劇 by [livejournal.com profile] faded_lace)

Ten years ago, there was a great earthquake in that town…

The town and the lives of the people who live there were irrevocably changed by that earthquake.
From the people of that town, their homes, the alleyway on which their homes stood, the tobacco shop on the corner, the bath house they often visited, the pub they always visited on Friday nights, the okonomiyaki¹ shop they sometimes found their way to in the early afternoon on Sundays, the little park with the little bit of shade… all the places filled with memories of their daily lives were snatched away…
And their fathers, their mothers, their children, their grandfathers, their grandmothers, their friends, all the people they loved… they were all snatched away…

Ten years have passed since that time…
It’s now January of 2005.

There’s a small factory tucked away in the corner of that town.

The play opens in “Hoshiyama Factory.”
There are lathes in various places.
The machines are dusty and seem as if they’re not operated very often, if at all.
The large industrial iron door in the front of the ironworks factory and the surface plate set out on the floor are covered in rust.
Upon surveying the room, it has an atmosphere of having fallen into ruin.
Around the steel work desk and the sofa, the room is expectedly cleaned up, but the sink area behind is piled full with dirty plates and bowls, and the garbage bag is carelessly dumped on the floor.
Next to the sink, a crooked curtain hangs in a doorway. It seems that beyond is the living area.
Beside the industrial door is a washing area, and next to that is a rusted bicycle.
From a radio dangling from a pillar, hit songs from ten years ago are playing.

Perhaps for the sake of the memories that must not be forgotten…

Scene 1: Friday evening
Scene 2: Sunday morning
Scene 3: Monday night
Scene 4: Wednesday evening
Scene 5: Thursday night
Scene 6: One week later; morning

Translator's Notes )

This translation is meant for personal use only; it is not for sale and is not official. I am not a native speaker and there may be some mistakes. I am also not a professional translator nor have I studied translation theory; this is my best effort to maintain the style and feeling of the original. Scenes will be linked to this post as they are completed. Please enjoy!
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The director of Soshite Dare mo Inakunatta, Sato Touya, has been posting answers to people's questions and other bits of information about the characters and happenings from the drama on his twitter since the drama ended last night. I was really excited to see all these little tidbits, and to learn more about the drama and the characters, so I decided to translate them here!

If you're interested in the translated tweets, click the cut! Spoilers for the last episode of Soshite Dare mo Inakunatta, obviously~

SoshiDare trivia and facts! )

Mr. Sato now seems to be focusing on his next drama, and tweeted yesterday saying he unfortunately is out of time for answering questions and thanks everyone for following along. But I'm really glad he gave us all these bits of information, so we can get a better and more full idea of the SoshiDare world, and of course, Kusaka Eiji ♥
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Happy birthday today to my favorite tekito prince ♥ I wasn't able to write a fic this year like I did last year, but I wanted to do a little something, so I translated Hikaru's song that he wrote and sang for Inoo on Radirer last Saturday!

Inoo Kei~
Hosting Radirer together forever, even if it's our tedious rambling, is it ii no?*
Spending time together, just like this, the two of us,
No matter what, forever, spending this time together,
And someday, this clock will become an antique~**
For us to be like this, is it ii no~?*

Translator's Notes:
* This would more easily translate to "Is it okay to…?" but I wanted to preserve the "ii no" call and response.
** The term "old clock" (古時計) is much more romantic sounding than just "old clock" so I translated it as antique… the meaning is clearly that Hikaru implying wanting to spend many years together, so hopefully that comes through.

Isn't it the cutest ever?! I don't know about you, but that sounds a lot like a proposal to me. And Inoo said yes ♥ I'm so happy that these two get to do the radio together.

And, like Hikaru, I feel really lucky for all the "time" that I get to spend with Inoo as a fan, watching him live on Mezamashi and listening to his live radio and seeing him in concerts and stage plays, and I also am so thankful for all the stuff that Inoo does that I can enjoy not-live as well: magazines, jweb, dramas, variety shows, and everything else that he puts so much effort into. He's a wonderful person and a wonderful idol, and I really appreciate how he puts his all into his work, even if his "on" persona is to pretend that he's not. I hope that he has a great year with a lot of success and some time to relax, too, and I'll be looking forward to all of his projects this year. ♥
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Great news came in this morning! Inoo will become the first member of Hey! Say! JUMP to become a regular member of a morning talk show! I'm really excited, based on what's been announced so far:

Inoo Kei (25), of Hey!Say!JUMP will be becoming a regular on Thursdays on Fuji TV's "Mezamashi TV" (Monday~Friday starting at 5:25 am), as has been reported on March 3rd.

In the opening of the program on that day, the show's MC Announcer Miyake Masaharu (53) stated, "Starting in April, "Mezamashi TV" will undergo a sizable change. From April, Inoo Kei will be added to the program as a special reporter." He explained, "Every Thursday from this time (5:20 am) until the end of the program at 8, he will be appearing with us."

Next, Announcer Nagashima Yumi (24) introduced Inoo, saying, "He graduated from Meiji University with a degree in architecture, so he's a boy who specializes in science." She added, "We've prepared new corners for the show, such as segments where Inoo goes out into the city, so please look forward to it."

From April, replacing Announcer Kato Ayako (30), Announcer Nagashima will become a main caster on the program, working in combination with Announcer Miyake.

Source: Oricon News

I'm really happy for him, and I'm looking forward to see what he does on the show! Not so sure I'll be able to start waking up at 5:20 just to watch, but we'll see. XD;
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Today it was announced that Sensations will put out a new single for the theme song for Ansatsu Kyoushitsu! I'm really pumped, so I went ahead and translated the information here~


DVD Single「Sayonara Sensation」March 23 (Wed) On Sale!!


It has been decided that the theme song for Ansatsu Kyoushitsu~Sotsugyou Hen~ starring Yamada Ryosuke and in theaters March 25th, will be Sensations 2nd DVD Single 「Sayonara Sensation」!

Sensations, the nine-member vocal and dance unit produced by Koro-sensei, will deliver a hyper-pop tune which is a fusion of metal, digital, and pop. The song, partly intense, partly pop with just a touch of sadness, is evocative of the season of falling cherry blossom petals.

In this second single, the nine members will sing, dance, and fight as well!
Please get excited for their first single in a year!♪

■ Limited Edition First Press (DVD+CD)・・・1,500 yen plus tax
「Sayonara Sensation」Video Clip “Final Battle Mode”
「Sayonara Sensation」Making of Video Clip “Anode Side”
1. Sayonara Sensation
2. Sayonara Sensation (Original Karaoke)

■ Regular Edition(DVD)・・・1,500円 plus tax
*Only the first press version will have special extras.
「Sayonara Sensation」Video Clip “Final Battle Mode”
「Sayonara Sensation」Video Clip “New Gear Mode”
「Sayonara Sensation」Making of Video Clip “Cathode Side”

※ The jacket and visuals will be different between the two versions.

◎ For more details, please check the official J Storm website.

It's looking like they're going to have new costumes and everything! I'm really excited. I can't wait to see Geek again ♥
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Exciting news!! ITADAKI HIGH JUMP, the show which first aired as a special in December of 2014 and included a waking-up prank and the members running on treadmills, is going to become a regular half-hour show starting in July, according to this source!! I'm not going to translate the whole thing, because I don't have that much time, but here are some important points:

It has been decided that Hey! Say! JUMP's regular show, "ITADAKI HIGH JUMP," (Every Wednesday night, 1:25-1:55 on Fuji TV; 1:50-2:20 on the first time) will start from July 8th (Wed).

It will be a variety show made up of only the Hey! Say! JUMP members, in which all of the members gather in the studio each week.

The rest of the article describes things that are going to happen in the 6/10 hour-long "second pilot" episode.

This is really really exciting, because, so long as this article is true to its word (which is always something we have to take with a grain of salt in Johnny's…) it will be JUMP's first all-member only-member regular show! I love Little Tokyo Live, and I loved Yan Yan JUMP, but I'm really happy to see that the group has been given this opportunity to show that they can pull the whole show as a group! There aren't enough opportunities to see all nine members together, either, so I'm just really really excited about this all around.

I'm unsure what the format is going to be (and often, with variety, they try out a bunch of things at first, the way that Little Tokyo Live has changed formats a few times), but whatever it is, I can't wait to watch it!
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Yesterday, I went in to Tokyo to do some "errands" (read as: fun shopping), and I was successful on all counts! I was exhausted when I got back, but it was totally worth it for shop photos, clothes, concert accessories, and a new bag!

Photos under here! )

Today, I got to relax~ I've been enjoying the reports from Waku-Waku Gakkou, including this one:
Inoo:I won't lose to the likes of Arashi! (self-satisfied)
Arashi:Oi! Who said that! (laughing)
Inoo:Arioka did!!
Arioka:What?! Inoo did!! Iio!!!!
Jun:Oi, Iio!!!!!
Oh, man, I can't even wait for Waku-Waku in Tokyo. XD;; I hope Inoo gets to do as much as he seemed to get to do in Osaka! He also said that in 10 years he wanted to have a show called "Ino-san" ahaha. How cute is he.
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JUMP has announced their next album! I was really excited to get this email, so I went ahead and translated it! There was a surprising amount of details in this email. XD As always, this is from the fanclub mailing list, so while I can't prove that I got it, anyone else in the fanclub should be able to back me up. XD

 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
   New Album「JUMPing CAR」June 24th (Wed) On Sale!!      
This year, in their 8th year since debut,
Hey! Say! JUMP, who are accelerating more and more,
have come out with an appropriately full throttle new JUMPing album.
Their 4th album will include such hit singles as "Weekender," "Asu e no Yell," and "Chau#".

With the feeling of,「During fun times or sad times,
hop on the JUMPing CAR and move forward with us!」
This satisfying-to-listen-to album
is packed full of songs with an abundance of variety.

■First Press Limited Edition 1 (CD+DVD)・・・¥3,200 + tax
・Digipack-type (DVD tall case size)
・Includes lyrics booklet (number of pages TBD)

4.SHen SHera SHen
6.Kira-Kira Hikare
7.Ai yo、Boku wo Michibiite Yuke
9.Boys Don't Stop
13.Asu e no YELL
15.Very Very Happy

<Bonus Track>
・Korosensations (Hey! Say! JUMP ver.)

“Kira-Kira Hikare” (Video Clip & Making) + special video (「JUMPing CAR」round table discussion by the members)

■First Press Limited Edition 2 (CD+DVD)・・・¥3,200 + tax
・Digipack-type (DVD tall case size)
・Includes lyrics booklet (number of pages TBD)

※Same contents as First Press Limited Edition 1

<Bonus Track>
・UNION(Arioka Daiki・Yaotome Hikaru・Yabu Kota)
・3/14~Tokei(Yamada Ryosuke・Okamoto Keito)
・Pet Shop Love Motion (Chinen Yuri・Nakajima Yuto・Takaki Yuya・Inoo Kei)

“UNION”(Video Clip & Making) + all member recording video

■Regular Edition (CD)・・・¥2,800 + tax
・Includes lyrics booklet (number of pages TBD)

※Same contents as First Press Limited Edition 1

<Bonus Track>
・Viva! 9's SOUL
・Puppy Boo

※The jacket visual will be different for each version
※Format and special extras may be subject to change. Thank you for your understanding.

☆Sale Commemoration Special Campaign「Hey! Say! JUMP 2015 Summer Greetings」
You can enter the drawing on cell phone or smart phone once using the user code
on the obi of the case of the new single (one per CD)
(One person can try multiple times)

★A Course Lottery:
At 7 locations for「Hey! Say! JUMPツアー 2015」(Sendai・Osaka・Fukuoka・Hiroshima・Nagoya・Sapporo・Yokohama)
A total of 160 people will receive a concert and backstage invitation.
Please choose the venue at the time of entry.

◆B Course Lottery:
Special DVD「JUMParty」will be given to 10,000 people through a lottery!

Additionally, everyone who enters will get
「Summer Greeting Wallpaper (Special Image Download)」as a present.

Entry Deadline:6/28 (Sun) at 23:59
※For more details, please check the cell phone and smartphone J Storm official campagin site starting 6/23 (Tues) and 10:00 AM.

☆For more details on the CD↓

I'm really excited for a lot of things! I wasn't a big fan of how the whole Jan Jan JUMQ thing went, but I must admit, I'm looking forward to Inochan's petshop song. XD;
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And here's the other Inoo Sakubun update from this weekend. Why he didn't just make one entry, I'm not sure, but hey, when does anything Inoo ever does make sense. |D;;;

You can read the previous issues here:

I'm watching School Kakumei in the dressing room right now. )

It's so cute that he watches School Kakumei, and that he talks about the other members so much. It really seems like JUMP has an amazing group bond these days ♥
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So now that Inoo's play has started, it seems like he doesn't have much time to update Jweb, but I've translated the two short entries he posted this weekend. For the sake of consistency, I'm going to post them in two different entries, but they're both super short. XD; He continues to be a weird troll, but what's new.

You can read the previous issues here:

It's been 10 days! )

Note that he still hasn't updated JUMPaper, 3 days later |D; At any rate, I'm going to go see Karafuto Ojisan tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to seeing him!
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Aaand now I'm up to date~ Here's the Inoo Sakubun from last Wednesday (Daiki's birthday)! He updated two days in a row (and hasn't updated since XD) last week, but this one's pretty short. The occasion is pretty obvious but… anyway, enjoy XD;

You can read the previous issues here:

If you're not Arioka Dai-chan, please don't read this. )

In other news, only one week until I'm going to see 'Karafuto Ojian'! I have to admit that I'm a bit nervous about how depressing a play about the earthquake might be, but I'm really excited to see Ino-chan's first starring role ♥
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I've translated last Tuesday's Inoo Sakubun! He's so weird |D;;; This time he talks about his love of vinegar and how the logo for the Jweb got chosen. If you're interested, please read below the cut!

By the way, I translated the previous one here!

How do you even make vinegar anyway? )

I don't know what to do with him |D;;; He's so cute… but so weird XD;
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I'm back from Yamanashi! And today was the official start of the new school year~ I had a great time and have stuff to share, but for now, I have an exciting piece of news!

For a limited time, Inoo is going to have his very own JWeb! You can find it on the JUMP page, underneath JUMPaper. It's called "Inoo Sakubun" ("Inoo Essay" in English). I usually don't translate JWeb entries because you can access them officially in English now, but I decided since this is just a special short term thing, I'd go ahead and do it. Inoo is totally ridiculous… but I want to share his ridiculousness with the world. XD;

So with no further ado… the very first issue of "Inoo Sakubun!"

You see, my brain only has about 1024KB of memory~ )

He's so stupidly cute |D;;; But I'm really excited he's getting this opportunity! And did you see his placement on Chau# / Oh I need you??? On the RE he's in the same row with Yamada and Chinen!! I'm so excited for him ;~~~;
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I assume by now pretty much everyone has seen the Crea schedule, but I figured I'd translate it just in case.

Johnny's Ginza 2015
Show Schedule

[Show Schedule]
Tokyo / Theatre Crea
4/24 (Fri) ~ 6/1 (Mon)
※ Off Days ⇒ 5/7(Thurs)・11 (Mon)・18 (Mon) ・26 (Tues)

Hirano Sho
Nagase Ren
Takahashi Kaito
Iwahashi Genki
Jinguji Yuta
Kishi Yuta
4/24 (Fri) 18:00
4/25 (Sat) 13:00/17:00
4/26 (Sun) 13:00/17:00
5/30 (Sat) 13:00/17:00
5/31 (Sun) 13:00/17:00
6/1 (Mon) 14:00

Masuda Ryo
Hanzawa Akatsuki
Nagatsuma Reo
Tanimura Ryoichi
5/8 (Fri) 18:00
5/9 (Sat) 13:00/17:00
5/10 (Sun) 13:00/17:00
5/17 (Sun) 13:00/17:00

Matsumura Hokuto
Morimoto Shintaro
Tanaka Juri
Kouchi Yugo
4/30 (Thurs) 18:00
5/1 (Fri) 13:00/17:00
5/3 (Sun・holiday) 13:00/17:00
5/4 (Mon・holiday) 13:00/17:00

Miyachika Kaito
Abe Aran
Kajiyama Asahi
Nakamura Kaito
Yoshizawa Shizuya
5/5 (Tues・holiday) 17:00
5/6 (Wed・holiday) 13:00/17:00
5/15 (Fri) 14:00/18:00
5/16 (Sat) 13:00/17:00

Snow Man

Iwamoto Hikaru
Fukasawa Tatsuya
Watanabe Shota
Miyadate Ryota
Abe Ryohei
Sakuma Daisuke
5/27 (Wed) 18:00
5/28 (Thurs) 18:00
5/29 (Fri) 14:00/18:00

They budou

Yamamoto Ryota
Hayashi Shota
Eda Tsuyoshi
5/19 (Tues) 18:00
5/20 (Wed) 18:00
5/21 (Thurs) 14:00/18:00


Tatsumi Yudai
Fukuda Yuta
Koshioka Yuki
Matsuzaki Yusuke
4/27 (Mon) 18:00
4/28 (Tues) 14:00/18:00
4/29 (Wed・holiday) 13:00/17:00
5/2 (Sat) 13:00/17:00

Nozawa Yuki
Yasui Kentaro
Morita Myuto
Hagiya Keigo
Morohoshi Shoki
Kishi Takayoshi
Ishigaki Daisuke
Goto Hiromi
5/23 (Sat) 17:00
5/24 (Sun) 13:00/17:00
5/25 (Mon) 14:00/18:00


Ikeda Yu
Matsumoto Kota

Akiyama Taiga
Tomioka Kento
Inaba Hikaru
Fukushi Nobuki

Morita Myuto
Nakata Hiroki
Kawashima Noeru
Shimekake Ryuya
5/22 (Fri) 18:00

Matsushima Sou
Matsuda Genta
Matsukura Kaito
Takahashi Fu
Tajima Shogo
Nakamura Reia
Haniuda Amu
5/12 (Tues) 18:00
5/13 (Wed) 18:00
5/14 (Thurs) 18:00

I'm happy about some things and unhappy about a lot of things, but what can you do? Such is Johnny's.

Also, somewhat relevant, rumour has it that Anderson Casey has left Johnny's. Apparently his shop photos have all been pulled from the Johnny's Shop. As always, it's unclear what happened, but I'm sad to see him go.

But hey, it definitely could be worse. Even if I'm going to have to take paid leave to see Reia… at least his name is there at all.
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Because the world definitely needs to know this, I've gone ahead and consolidated all of Reia's awards for this year's Junior Ranking~ For anyone who's unfamiliar with the system, Myojo lists only the top 5 for each category except for the most important "Junior you want as your boyfriend," which they list at least the top 10, sometimes more. Here are the awards Reia got, listed in order of ranking outside of the boyfriend category, which I consider being within the top ten to be a pretty crowning achievement.

9th place!!!!!!
Junior You Want as Your Boyfriend

1st place!!!!!
Seems Like He Likes Things Neat and Tidy
Seems Like He Likes Playing Pranks

2nd place!!!!
Seems Like a 'Sweets Boy'
Seems Weak in a Fight
Seems Like He Has Art Sense
Seems Like a 'Herbivorous Man' but is Actually Carnivorous
Seems Like He Has a 6th Sense

3rd place!!!
Seems Like He Wants to be Spoiled
The Most Mysterious
Seems Like He Looks Good in Japanese Clothes

4th place!!
Seems Like He Looks Good in Girls' Clothes
Seems Like an 'Airheaded' Character
Seems Like He Wouldn't Answer Text Messages Despite Reading Them

5th place!
Most Tsundere-seeming

That's 15 total prizes! And it's not exactly like he'd really have been able to compete with people like Jinguji and Genki, so I'm really proud with the number of top 5 prizes he got. ♥ Some of them are pretty random, but… the Myojo rankings are often pretty odd. All in all, I'm really happy! Congratulations, Reia!
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So I got a really bizarre email from HMV today advertising the theme song for Yamada's Ansatsu Kyoushitsu movie, and found a longer description on the Tower Records website here. Apparently, a "mysterious" 9-person unit is going to provide the theme song. The whole this is really odd and confusing, and knowing Johnny's, I'm trying not to get my hopes up that it's JUMP, but I supposed we'll just have to wait and see.

Here's the text from the article in full, as translated by me.

Mysterious 9-member unit will provide the theme song for Yamada Ryosuke's starring movie, "Ansatsu Kyoushitsu"

"Koro-sensations" will be the theme song of Yamada Ryosuke (Hey! Say! JUMP)'s starring movie, "Ansatsu Kyoushitsu, which opens on March 21st, 2015. The nine members, who were sent to assassinate Koro-sensei, failed their mission and were "punished." So, in order to promote the movie and make it a big hit, as produced by Koro-sensei, they were turned into a unit called "Sensations" and made to provide the theme song… For the highly-anticipated live action movie adaption of the hugely popular comic currently running in "Weekly Shounen Jump" that's been a big topic this spring, "Sensations" will give their strongest support with a hyper-pop turn overflowing with a sensation of hurtling through heavy metal guitar sound and digital sound.The limited first press DVD will have the "Koro-sensations" video clip "Battle Mode" and the making-of footage "Active Side." The CD that comes with it will have "Koro-sensations" and the original karaoke track. On the regular edition DVD, in addition to the "Koro-sensations" video clip "Battle Mode," also included will be the "Koro-sensations" video clip "Operation Mode" and the making-of footage "Passive Side."
※ The jacket image will vary between the first press edition and the regular edition.


<Limited First Press Edition> DVD tall case setup
1."Koro-sensations" video clip "Battle Mode"
2."Koro-sensations" making-of footage "Active Side"
2."Koro-sensations" (Original Karaoke)
★ 24 page booklet

<Regular Edition> DVD tall case setup
1. "Koro-sensations" video clip "Battle Mode"
2. "Koro-sensations" video clip "Operation Mode"
3."Koro-sensations" making-of footage "Passive Side."
★12 page booklet

More information can be found on the J-storm website and on the "Special" releases page on Johnny's Net. The fact that it's J-storm makes my hopes get up further, but I'm trying not to jump to any conclusions.

As always, I'm happy to answer any questions, but I'm getting surgery tomorrow, and unfortunately, I'll be away from my computer for a little while, so please be patient with me! Let's hope this is good news for JUMP!
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Well, it's official. Sexy Zone's new single will be another 3 member single. As always, I've translated the fanclub email that came today's contents:

◆Sexy Zone Fan Club Member limited information mail◇『Mail Message Board』10/14 edition


Sexy Zone New Single「Kimi ni HITOMEBORE」11/19 (Wed) on sale!


Sexy Zone's new single「君にHITOMEBORE」marks the first time the group has released a new single two months in a row!
This single will be the theme song for Nakajima Kento's starring TV Asahi Friday night drama, 「Kurofuku Monogatari」which starts on 10/24 (Fri).

The song, which was written for the drama, is a casual love song which sings straightforwardly about the exciting feeling of love at first sight amidst a sparkling encounter.
While continuing the group's signature, same as ever sparkling presence, they've created a song in which the audience can enjoy a sensuality that Sexy Zone has never shown until now.

On the Limited First Press Edition, the music clip for「Kimi ni HITOMEBORE」, as well as the making video, and special footage from Sexy Zone's trip to America during the summer.
Definitely check Sexy Zone's charming new face during the drama broadcast!

■Limited First Press Edition A (CD+DVD)・・・1,296 yen, plus tax
01. Kimi ni HITOMEBORE
02. Trophy
03. Lady Spicy

「Kimi ni HITOMEBORE」Music Clip

★ Included special goods: Nakajima Kento Changing Jacket (1 out of 3 types)

■Limited First Press Edition B(CD+DVD)・・・1,296 yen, plus tax
01. Kimi ni HITOMEBORE
02. Trophy
03. Snow & Stars

Making of 「Kimi ni HITOMEBORE」Music Clip & Jacket Shooting

★ 12 page photo pamphlet
★ Included special goods: Sato Shori Changing Jacket (1 out of 3 types)

■Limited First Press Edition C(CD+DVD)・・・1,296 yen, plus tax
Same Contents as the Limited First Press Edition A

Special Movie in Grand Canyon/USA

★ Included special goods: Kikuchi Fuma Changing Jacket (1 out of 3 types)

■Limited First Press Edition D(CD+DVD)・・・1,296 yen, plus tax
Same Contents as the Limited First Press Edition B

Special Movie in Los Angeles/USA

★ Included special goods: Changing Jacket (1 out of three group types)

■Regular Edition (CD)・・・1,065 yen, plus tax
01. Kimi ni HITOMEBORE
02. Trophy
03. Lady Spicy
04. Snow & Stars
05. Kimi ni HITOMEBORE Inst.
06. Trophy Inst.
07. Lady Spicy Inst.
08. Snow & Stars Inst.

★ First press goods: Picture Label

☆ For more details on the CD, please check the Pony Canyon Official Sexy Zone site.

And then, what the Pony Canyon Official Sexy Zone site says about the single:

8th SINGLE「Kimi ni HITOMEBORE」(2014.11.19 on sale)
Nakajima Kento Starring role!
TV Asahi's Friday Night Drama「Kurofuku Monogatari」's theme song's sale date has been decided!
Sexy Zone's first time releasing two singles in two months will be the theme song for TV Asahi's Friday Night Drama「Kurofuku Monogatari」!
On the Limited First Press Edition, the music clip for「Kimi ni HITOMEBORE」, as well as the making video, and special footage from Sexy Zone's trip to America during the summer. The song is performed by the main members this time(Sato Shori/Nakajima Kento/Kikuchi Fuma).

This is just the facts. You're welcome to discuss in the comments, but I can't promise I'll comment back in a timely manner, or that I'll have anything particularly deep to say. This whole thing since July has been taking a huge toll on my physical and mental health, and at this point, I'm just sitting back and reminding myself that no amount of crying or anxiety is going to change anything. I wanted to share this information as soon as possible, but this time with no hysterics from me. Only time will tell what will happen.

That being said, I'd be grateful, even if you're a Kento, Shori, or Fuma fan… even if you're a JUMP, Arashi, KisuMai, Ebi, Juniors, Johnny's West, Tackey & Tsubasa, NEWS, Kanjani8, KAT-TUN, V6, TOKIO, SMAP, Kinki, or some other fan… if you could keep Marius and Sou in your thoughts for the time being.
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Some variation on this news has been both on morning shows like Zip and on various news sites, so I figured I may as well translate it and share it here. This is the one from the Oricon site, but most of them on the news sites are similar, anyway.

【オリコン】Sexy Zone, “new structure” song is number 1, their seventh straight number 1 single since debut
Johnny's group Sexy Zone's 7th single,"otoko never give up,"(which came out on October 1st)has sold 125,000 copies in the first week, and appears as number 1 for the 10/13 weekly single ranking. Starting with their debut single, "Sexy Zone," this 7th single continues their record of all of their singles being chart-toppers.

Sexy Zone, which has been 5 members up until now, will have a fresh start from this single on as a group who, with Nakajima Kento (20), Kikuchi Fuma (19), and Sato Shori (17) as the central members, will do activities with members sometimes added in fluid manner. On the first single of this new structure, besides the title song, there are members solos, and so on.

Source: Oricon News

At this point, I don't really know what to say. Maybe it's just more hype, or maybe it's true. Either way, I think it's pretty safe to say (as I pretty much knew all along), Johnny's management are liars and they're tugging us around about Sexy Zone. On the phone, their statement was that there would never be another single after this with only 3, and this news seems to be implying that most singles from now on will be 3. One of the two statements is a lie. They are mutually exclusive.

Please keep your comments on this post civil, and if your opinion is "good riddance, Marius and Sou suck!" please keep that to yourself. I have been emotionally and mentally torn up over the past week because of this single, and though I want to help out by translating and sharing news, I cannot deal with antagonism right now. Also, I apologize if my response is slow; I'm having trouble with my home internet, among other things, and I may not be able to get back to comments immediately.

[Edit] By the way, the 125,000 quoted in the article seems to be their sales up until today. I don't know what this is about 10/13, because their weekly ranking will be today (10/6 in Oricon time), and their first weekly ranking hasn't even happened yet.

Either way, 125,000 is a lower total first week sales number than Real Sexy, Baibai Dubai, or King & Queen & Joker, making otoko never give up the worst selling single in all of 2014 and 2013 so far.
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So, I'm back from Tokyo and feeling like I got run over by a truck thanks to the horror that is EX Theatre hangover (that place is seriously brutal on the body x__x) and to the typhoon (I swear that [livejournal.com profile] 9kinds isn't just an ame onna, but a typhoon onna, sheesh) that completely drenched us for all of Sunday. I'm sure basically everyone on my flist ha already read about the results, but I figured I'd post about them here, anyway, because… I want to :E So there!

The results are all up on the official Gamushara twitter, but I'm not going to translate each tweet because I just don't feel like it. Basically what happened is this:

✖ On Saturday (8/9), Sha won the first show, Ga won the second show (but only by the junior vote; Sha had higher decibels), and Sha won the third show (overwhelmingly; beautifully; I almost passed out and I think Reia was in about the same state) putting Sha at 8 wins to 7 losses and tying them for first with Ra.

✖ As an aside, as I'm sure you heard, Kento, Fuma, and Shori came to see the show on the evening of 8/9 (the show I was at), and came up on stage at the end. Shori exclaimed, "Finally, all of Sexy Zone is together again!" and the audience exploded with cheers. During the encore of Yuuki 100%, Sou tried to move out of the way so that Shori could stand in the center, and the other members pushed him back, having him stay in the center of the group. These guys are amazing and I know now that they're going to pull through this.

✖ On Sunday (8/10), Both the decibels and the juniors tied for Ga and Mu. Apparently, in the event of a tie, the higher decibel side wins, but the decibels were tied too, so they resorted to janken. Team Ga won the janken, so they won the first show.

✖ Team Mu won the following show by one decibel, and team Ga won the final show by one decibel, placing Team Ga at 8 wins to 7 losses and Team My at a horrifying 6 wins to 9 losses.

✖ Since three teams were tied for first, they added up the total decibels and ranked by who had the highest decibel score. Ra had the most, followed by Sha, followed by Ra.

✖ By which, the final results were as follows:
No. 1 - Team Ra (Matsumura, Kyomoto, Tanaka, Morimoto, Morohoshi)
No. 2 - Team Sha (Jinguji, Nakamura, Matsukura, Tajima, Inoue)
No. 3 - Team Ga (Jesse, Iwamoto, Fukasawa, Masuda, Hanzawa)
No. 4 - Team Mu (Iwahashi, Matsuda, Takahashi F, Takahashi K, Hayashi)

I… honestly loved the Matsuri as a concert; it was amazingly well-put together, had a great flow, showcased Marius and Sou beautifully, and gave a lot of juniors a chance to shine, but in the end, I really, really hated the performance aspect of the show. Not only did the voting not at all reflect the guys' actual talent, skill, or the effort they put into the show, frankly, I don't even think it was a good popularity contest. People who were closer to the mic were obviously going to get picked up better in the decibel ranking, so if it just so happened that one team had more fans closer, then that team would likely get higher decibels. It just isn't fair to the guys to put them in that sort of situation, where they feel their own worth is tied to this abstract number, and hearing how the members of Team Mu were so upset that they cried through the second half of the show, unable to pull themselves together, just breaks my heart. I sincerely hope that with their friends there to comfort them they can put this behind them without too many insecurities and hurts, and that they know that their effort and hard work on this contest can in no way be represented in an abstract number. Every one of them worked so hard, and they deserve to be rewarded for that, not punished.

But if nothing else, this served as a healthy reminder to me that Johnny's, as an agency, is inherently cruel and unfeeling towards their talents, something good to keep in mind as a fan if you don't want to get hurt.

On a lighter note, the Funcussion staff has been tweeting about Gamushara this whole time in the most adorable way, and this tweet following the final show was particularly sweet:

(TV Asahi Gamushara!) This is the manager. The show ended today with Team Sha in second place, and having won the decibel vote for 14 out of 15 shows (!), an amazing result! Congratulations to all the fans by whom Team Sha was supported. We at Funcussion, who supported the boys for this show, want to express our gratitude to you from the bottom of our hearts!

Despite the fact that I didn't like the way they handled Matsukura's breakdown during practice, they've been incredibly and adorably supportive to Team Sha this whole time, and before Team Sha's last show, the show I attended on 8/9, they brought a personalized cake for each member of Team Sha (you can see the cakes here)! How cute is that? ♥

I'm going to do a full report for each show (and yes, the Sexy Zone shows in Saitama; I really am planning on it, I'm just really busy right now) but I need to get past this week first, so please bear with me. Just to give you an idea of my schedule (listing the times as times away from my computer, so transit lumped in):

8/11 - Orientation Committee meeting in the prefectural capital, 11:15 am to 6 pm
8/12 - Free (normal work day(
8/13 - Orientation Committee meeting in the prefectural capital, 11:15 am to 6 pm
8/14 - Orientation Day 1, 7 am to 8:30 pm
8/15 - Orientation Day 2, 7 am to 6:30 pm
8/16 - Weekend
8/17 - Weekend
8/18 - City-wide Elementary English Planning Meeting, 10:30 am to 4 pm
8/19 - City-wide Junior High English Planning Meeting, 10: 30 am to 4 pm

Then I have three more days of summer break before second term starts up on 8/25. So just, please bear with me! I'm having a really busy week or so, and I'll be working on the reports, but unfortunately, work comes first!

Anyway, I'm sorry this turned really long and emotional >__>; All in all, I enjoyed the Matsuri but I'm glad it's done. The boys don't need that sort of stress and hurt.


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