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Back from Tokyo, and from seeing Shounentachi for a second time, and also the saien of *pnish*'s Samurai Mode! I'm going to try to write up Shounentachi this year (and also write up last year's for posterity, because I really enjoyed last year's more), but right now, I'm totally in awe of how great Samurai Mode was. Please forgive the non-Johnny's gushing and rambling... it's super nostalgic for me and I want to get all my feelings out XD;

Spoilers for Samurai Mode! )

I know I'm really behind in stuff, but I needed to get all my nostalgic feelings out, ahaha ^^;;; And seriously, if you're into theatre and in Japan, I definitely recommend *pnish*'s works!


Dec. 16th, 2011 04:16 pm
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Er, also, out of some morbid curiosity, I was going through my really old entries, and came across this meme, which turned out pretty amusing. XD;;;;;

Make a list of all the characters in your icons. (Although you may have more than one icon of a single character, they only go on the list once.) Alphabetize it. Take the first two people on the list; that's your first pairing. Second two people; second pairing. Etc.

The results! )

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It's not the 8th in America yet, but...

Happy birthday, Wasshi~

You wore a really nice scarf for the special day~

... oh, and apparently Tuti still remembers me.


Yes, that's all. XD;

Dec. 19th, 2010 01:19 pm
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I was starting to forget what he looked like without it @____@ THANK GOD he shaved. I knew he said he was going to, but... I was still worried. :| But he looks so so so much better~ Now he should wear my scarf again so I have a good picture XD;;;

Also, completely unrelatedly, another yay~ :D

*wanders off to write fic about Wasshi*
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Yesterday evening, to celebrate my birthday, I went with [livejournal.com profile] fencer_x and [livejournal.com profile] yomimashou to the opening night of "Amadanshi ~Amadan~" in which Wasshi, as well as Tenimyu actors Mizuta Kouki (Shitenhouji B Oshitari Kenya) and Oota Motohiro (Final Match Ibu Shinji) and future Tenimyu actor Konishi Seiya (Season 2 Fuji Yuuta), appeared. The premise of the show was surrounding a high school sweets-baking club and their attempt to win the national sweets-making competition.

The theatre was the same as the one for Santies, the Haiyuuza Gekijou in Roppongi, which is conveniently right outside one of the exits for Roppongi station. Once we were inside and comfortably seated, we had a chance to take in the set, and... wow. It was as if Easy Bake Oven and Barbie had a love child-- the set was supposed to be a high school classroom, but it was very pink and pastel, with large sweets all over the walls. It was... different to say the least. I took the opportunity to look through my pamphlet... in which Wasshi is sporting his very... Wanizuka-esque beard. This displeases me greatly :< He needs to shave that thing, seriously! But then, soon enough, it was time for the show to be starting...

Plot Summary... spoilers, obviously! )

So there you have it. XD It was kind of special, but I actually really enjoyed it. Hope the report is amusing at the very least! XD;


Nov. 28th, 2010 12:35 am
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As it turns out, Wasshi and Mizuki starred in a play together last June (Mizuki was first billed, Wasshi second billed) called "世界征服の作り方" or "How to Make World Domination" XD;;; As the title clearly shows... the play was about wedding dress designing! From the cast info here, it says that Wasshi is the chief designer of "Rose and Rose," a dress company that's about to go under, and Mizuki is a guy who walks in off the street one day and says he's going to save their shop. XD; The official blog is here, in case anyone is interested. XD;

However, it seems like Wasshi and Mizuki were spending some time together during this period~ From this post:

With Mizuki-san, Fuku-san, the three of us went to a nearby ramen place!

...Okay, so that's not that exciting, but it shows that he WENT PLACES WITH MIZUKI. Meaning they hang out! It was just the three of them, not the whole cast or anything!

As does this blog entry:

I went to see a show with the "Sekai Seifuku" members!

...okay, so that REALLY isn't that exciting, since it WAS a bunch of people, and he doesn't mention Mizuki in his post, but in another cast member's post, he mentions Mizuki being there. And who knows what they did together, ahahaha! XD;;

Then, in one of his characteristic "I'm going to spam the play blog since I can't have my own" moments, Mizuki posts this, in which he has a photo of Wasshi and mentions him. :3 Not all that exciting, but Mizuki posting a photo of Wasshi nonetheless. :D

BUT THEN! In this post, Wasshi says:

After rehearsals, it's the weekend!
Is everyone going to come see the show?
I really hope you'll all come see my performance with Mizuki-san!

Because apparently Mizuki is the only important one ^___~

And then here, Wasshi says on the play blog:

This is a two-shot of me and Mizuki-san! Or it was supposed to be, but it's just Mizuki-san's hand.
I'm definitely really looking forward to my first show outside of *pnish* shows with Mizuki-san!

AWWWW. Just... awwww. *_____* Wasshi's so enamoured, it's adorable.

So yes. Long story short: THIS PAIRING IS SO CANON.
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See the scarf in this picture?

Does it look anything like this here scarf?





I made that scarf. I touched that scarf. I tried that scarf on for size.

And Washio Noboru wore it/may still be wearing it at this moment.


(...haha, the lighting/quality of my cell phone camera is so bad...)

Meme time!

Nov. 19th, 2010 11:18 pm
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Meme times!

Comment and I'll give you three special fandoms. Then answer the questions.

[livejournal.com profile] yomimashou gave me...

*pnish* and friends! )

Western Mode! )

Samurai Mode! )

Well, that was fun. XD;;;
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Ahhh, I've done it again! @____@;;; Hopefully this will at least get my need to fangirl Sano fucking Mizuki out of my system. XD;;; It's kind of embarrassing. "Who's your favourite Johnny's boy?" "...Well..." XD;;;

At any rate, I feel like I'm actually getting comfortable with these guys. Even though get-togethers really aren't my favourite thing to write, I think I've kind of gotten a grasp on how they work together, which is a good feeling. I'd like to write established-relationship fic of them in the future... haha, since I'm sure I'm the only one who's ever going to. :D Sorry for the cliche, meme-like title, though. The format worked nicely for the fic, and I couldn't think of a better one. XD;

Title: Three Kisses That Don't Really Count, and One That Does

Disclaimer: I don't own anyone.

Rating: PG

Pairing: Washio Noboru/Sano Mizuki. Yes, I'm at it again.

Warnings: BL! Boys kissing and all that. Probably some language?

Author's Note: A wild get-together fic appears! I think I might be getting comfortable with these guys, actually. :3 Companion to Not Much of Anything.

The first time Wasshi goes out with Mizuki, just the two of them, is a few weeks after Wonder Box... )
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So, today, at the suggestion of [livejournal.com profile] fencer_x, I was browsing through the Samurai Mode blog, and I found a few cute things :3

Firstly, as it turns out, Mizuki has a sort-of abnormal pattern for what he calls the *pnish* members. He calls Daiki "Daiki-chan," which, of course, makes sense, since they're brothers, and I'm sure when they were kids, Mizuki took great pleasure in patronizing Daiki with nicknames like that. XD;;; But interestingly enough, he calls Eiji "Moriyama" consistently throughout the blog (and in the interview, I just wasn't thinking about it before), and Tuti is always "Tsuchiya." Wasshi, however, is always "Wasshi" (he writes it わっしー, which strikes me as sort of funny, since more people write it in katakana, as ワッシー). Outside of Mizuki's own brother, he's the one who gets a pet name. What does this mean? I really can't say. But I know what I want it to mean. ^__~;;

And then, in this post, Mizuki (who tends to spam the blog a lot; any post you see entitled "佐野瑞樹です。" is him XD) talks about how he was complimented by the director for working hard to the point of his muscles cramping to get his fight scenes just right. At the end of the post, Mizuki concludes:

"All right!! I'm kindly going to teach this method to Wasshi, who's struggling with his posture and sword fighting!

He'll definitely be really grateful!!

He then follows up with a photo of Wasshi.

Obviously, this is another Mizuki-being-Mizuki moment, since he seems to plan to offer his services to Wasshi completely unasked, and seems to think that Wasshi will think he walks on water once he has shared his GREAT WISDOM... but I still think it's a pretty cute interaction. Like, Mizuki choosing to divulge his new method to Wasshi, like it was a big deal or something, and, of course, Wasshi playing along because Wasshi's way too nice of a guy not to. XD; I feel like, since Wasshi'd be a willing audience for Mizuki's need to peacock-strut, he'd end up always showing off to Wasshi... which seems awfully cute. XD;;;

...I'm a cool kid, I know. XD;
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In the past few days, I have discovered the best, most beautiful RPS pairing in the whole world ever.

Washio Noboru/Sano Mizuki.

...Since probably everyone reading this is wondering what the hell I'm smoking, I'm going to start on a slightly backwards note and mention the reasons why this doesn't not make sense. Or rather, why this is perfectly reasonable in the world of RPS. XD;;; Let's compare to an extremely popular RPS fandom, TeniMyu:
① Many popular TeniMyu pairings are based entirely off of the pairing the characters play. For example, many Shirota/Aiba fans I have encountered primarily ship Tezuka/Fuji, and have clearly stated that this is the reason why they ship Shirota and Aiba. As in, unrelated to the actors' behaviour backstage or out of character.
② Many popular TeniMyu pairings are based entirely off of backstage material from one or two musicals, without any blog references or continued interaction to the knowledge of the viewer. For example, Saitou/Ruito was a popular pairing, and while the two spent a lot of time together in various musicals, they don't appear on one another's blogs, nor do we have any hard evidence that they spend time together outside of musicals.
③ TeniMyu is a much larger, much more fanservice-oriented fandom than *pnish*. I'm just going to leave that statement hanging. XD;
(Not that I'm criticizing TeniMyu fandom! I'm just using these paradigms as an example to prove that I'm not coming entirely out of left field here, and that this isn't as much of a stretch as it might seem.)

So, keeping all those things in mind , please read on! :D

I promise I'm not crazy! )

And that's really it. XD; I know I'm bizarre, but I'm actually quite enthralled with this, so don't be surprised if I put out fic. ♥ I just want Wasshi to be happy and have somebody to love~

And, of course, I'd love to hear any thoughts on this beautiful essay (if you can even call it that... XD;;;)! I'd prefer, naturally, if you didn't comment PURELY to tell me that I'm a crazy bitch, but if you have any thoughts on what I've written or any questions of where I come up with this stuff... discussion makes the world go 'round :D

...I should probably go to bed now. XD;;;
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I wrote up a plot summary of Western Mode for those who just can't wait for the DVD to come out! XD; Thanks so much to [livejournal.com profile] fencer_x for proofreading for me~

And without further ado:

*pnish* vol. 12: Western Mode )
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I'm so sad Santies is over. TT____TT;; I want to go back! And I want to shake Wasshi's hand again >>;; Now I just have to get these reports done... I'm so slow. @___@;; I'll get them done eventually, I promise!


The last show ;___; )

I hope these reports have been helpful! If there's anything I didn't mention that you were curious about, feel free to let me know. ^^;;
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I KNOW I'M REALLY BEHIND ON REPORTS but I'm working on catching up, I promise. TT___TT;;;


Thursday night, I saw Santies again, and this time the guest was none other than Kimeru! Since Kime is one of my favourite former TeniMyu boys/fabulous, fabulous girly men, I was delighted, and considering all the stuff that went on during first cast Tenimyu, I was interested to see how he would interact with our own Moriyama-san after so long! I was super pumped... But it definitely lived up to all my expectations!

And you know you want to read all about it! [WARNING: bizarre RPS pairings beneath!] )

That's all for now! I'm going to try to get the final report, the one with Tsuda Kenjirou as the guest, done as soon as possible! I also am planning on writing a report on Kimeru's live that I went to today (Saturday, the 25th), and maybe the Kitty Guys event from Thursday, so... hopefully I'll get those done eventually XD
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Yesterday evening, I saw Santies (Moriyama Eiji and Washio Noboru's two-man show as the oldest two members of *pnish*) for the first of three times :D I'm going to post about most of the actual content of the show later, but for now, some of the AMAZING things that happened to me at the show today!

You know you want to click~ )


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