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Apparently, I really can't decide who I pair Gakuto with. XD; Every time I'm going back to good old Oshitari/Gakuto, I happen to see something ShishiGaku or something and it makes me squeal over that. XD;;;

So, since I wanted to create a poll. XD;;; Please give me your opinion! Which is your first favourite Gakuto pairing?

[Poll #1522811]

Please leave me a comment explaining your decision and, if you chose other, telling me who you pair him with! And... don't mind the Sanada thing. XD; It's from an RP...

And I really meant to go to bed at midnight...


Dec. 19th, 2009 02:32 am
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So, as my Hanukkah/Christmas/wtfever gift from [livejournal.com profile] yomimashou, I now have a paid account~ You may have noticed my epic new moodtheme set and my bazillion new icons. It's really quite lovely~ I'm very excited.

In other news, I plan to start on people's requests in the near future, and also get on writing more fic. I know I owe [livejournal.com profile] yomimashou stuff, and I have a few ideas of my own as well as a few unfinished beginning that I'd like to get going on. And get my butt back in gear over at [livejournal.com profile] lion_crest; sorry that I've been terribly slow with tags, [livejournal.com profile] monarchist. I promise I'll be better from now on!

My package from Sephora came today; it was ridiculously speedy. So now I have my gifts for my little sister and my mother~ I just need to get wrapping now...


I can't decide if I should get my hair cut (I'm basically getting Gakuto's cut from the OVA; a little longer than his hair in the series, but higher cut in the back and sloping down forwards, only I'm not getting pointed bangs. XD;) before Florida or after. It's such a drastic change (my hair is currently at my waist) and I've never cut my hair that short before, so I'm a little worried about it. Not that anyone would... but does anyone have an opinion on this? XD;

Uh, also, [livejournal.com profile] britkit27 is here again... not that that's particularly exciting to anyone but me. I was supposed to be styling her wig, but it hasn't come in yet, so we're just kicking it. Maybe we'll watch the new RikkaiMyu~ Seeing support cast will be interesting. And 5th cast... I'm withholding judgement until I see them in action.

Speaking of wigs, I was thinking of this wig for Kimeru. I think I could style the back right, the bangs are like his, and it's mullet-tastic enough. XD;;; They don't have exactly the right colour, but I was thinking of going with the 24B-27C mix. It might match his dyed-ness, anyway. XD; I'm sad my outfit choice doesn't have painted nails, though. Still, [livejournal.com profile] onewhomust, I'm not making the outfit from Koishite Kimeru. There's no way in hell anyone could ever pull that off who wasn't Kimeru. XD;;;

Oh, and then speaking of Kimeru, [livejournal.com profile] yomimashou and I totally "discovered" his life history. And by discovered, I mean... hypothesized. XD; However, it's really not the kind of thing I'm going to post here, so if you're curious, you'll have to ask me. XD;;;

And, randomly, from now on, I shall refer to Endou as "Grand Pimp Master" or "GPM" for short. XD;;;


I'm really glad to be on winter break. Sorry for this random, long, rambling, non-sequitur-filled post. But have a flailing Ruito icon!
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I need to start actually posting again @_____@;;; [livejournal.com profile] lion_crest seriously has eaten my life.

So, currently, my life is rather hectic, but that's okay! ♥ I'm going to talk about the good things here, because no one needs yet another bitchy, whiny lj post, right? XD

Firstly, Caitlin's having my piece close the show for Fall Student Dance Concert! I'm really touched. It's an honour to get to close the show, so I hope the piece turns out well. It's done, but far, far, far from clean. We're really mada mada...

wtf how did I not know that there was a version of "Birthday" by Aozu as well as the one by Ryoma, Fuji, and Oishi for Tezuka? XD;; Somehow, it sounds really weird with Tezuka also in it, because his voice is like 7 octaves deeper than the others', and I like the background version for the new one a lot better. BECAUSE IT IS FILLED WITH RYOMA'S LOVE FOR TEZUKA, OBVIOUSLY. Seriously, the way Ryoma says the line "Mada tarinain'da your dreams" in the version for Tezuka is seriously the sweetest thing ever. ...Actually, honestly, I really don't like the old version. :/ Huh.

*rolls around* Did I have something say in this post? XD;
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Why does it seem like I spend at least 30% of time I spend on livejournal anymore, I'm fighting with it to load or do what I want it to or not eat my comments? And email notifs have been really slow lately, too. Seriously, LJ, wtf?

In other news, [livejournal.com profile] pergamond is coming to visit! I'm really excited~ Hopefully, my humble college dorm won't be something of an embarrassment... I'm cleaning like crazy this weekend. XD [livejournal.com profile] pergamond, prepare to be spammed with TeniMyu. I'm not kidding. XD;

... I don't have much to talk about. I should update more... but my life is so boring.


Oct. 9th, 2009 12:32 pm
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I'm so happy. And so tired. I need sleep. But first I need to pack and do laundry and the dishes and ugh. Not to mention I talked to Caitlin today and she said it was really hard to get an independent major... and I have to think about applying to study abroad... and I have to look into applying for the Jacob's Pillow internship... and I have to talk to Hee Sook about declaring my other major... and I have to fill out the double major form.

And after all of that, I have to fuck my life. OTL


I'm looking forward to Rochester! We're going to cook and watch TeniMyu and Pandora Hearts and do lots of awesome things. And I'm going to write both [livejournal.com profile] yomimashou's and Tezuka's birthday fics! AND TEZUKA AND RYOMA ARE GOING TO GET BACK TOGETHER IN [livejournal.com profile] lion_crest THANK FUCKING GOD MY POOR BABY CAN STOP CRYING HIMSELF TO SLEEP AT NIGHT

Last night, [livejournal.com profile] moonlightlady14 ended up rooting herself in my room and slept over... which may end up happening again tonight... orz. We're so cool.

... And about how many times I've listened to this album now >>;;;;


Oct. 6th, 2009 11:24 am
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I'm listening to Tezuka's new album, "Impressive"...

Firstly, appropriate naming. ♥

Secondly, I want to know what "I LOVE YOU" is about o_____O; I haven't gotten that far into the album yet, but like... wow. What? XD;

Thirdly, TEZUKA IS SO FUCKING SEXY *_________* My Ryoma is rolling around in heartbroken agony as I listen to this ;______; Tezukaaaaaaaa

...Wow, am I made of fail. XD;;; That is basically the summation of this post.
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So, I somehow already managed to get myself sick. I need to start going to bed earlier... the chat for [livejournal.com profile] lion_crest always keeps me up an hour later than I mean stay up... I should start planning for that. Despite my best attempts yesterday, I feel worse today, and someone mentioned that it might be the flu... >___> I really hope not. Ugh. I'm planning on cutting dance later and taking a nap, so I hope that helps...

Also, I really wish I was in Japan. I need new teacups/mugs, and I super want the Hyoutei cup and saucer (scroll down to the appropriate item on the list... that page isn't good for linking) but, of course, I'm here in America. Goddamn. Also, I know they only came out like five days ago, but I want someone to be selling the second series of charamates really badly TT___TT; I need myself a Tezuka! And there are a few more special someones who I want to get a gift for...

Ah, c'est la vie. *coughdie*

Damn this song. It always gets stuck in my head.
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Brownie points to anyone who gets the reference in the title. XD;

So, about how I've totally neglected this journal in favour of my RP journals. Hahahaha. Sorry about that...

So, I made it to school alive! I have pictures of my room to post, but I still have to upload them... there's really no good angle to take pictures of my room from, so they're all kind of weird and I mostly wanted to show off my amazing walls of gay tennis boys... XD;;; But those will be up soon, I promise.

As for classes... Eh. I'm happy with all the dance I'm doing (assuming I get into Modern Ensemble...) and I'm looking forward to attempting to set Black Sheep on some people for the Fall student dance concert. I'm supposed to be meeting with Linda and Mady in an hour to talk about the major... so wish me luck~

Japanese is really :/ I don't like the new sensei at all-- she's kind of unreasonable. She refuses to teach the grammar in class, only drills us, and if someone doesn't get something right away, she'll jump on to the next person without giving them a minute to think, which doesn't exactly give my confidence a boost (and will likely make the people who freeze up freeze up even worse next time). She's given us homework with kanji we've never learned without furigana-- that is, there's no way to look it up because we have no idea how it's pronounced. Basically, every time I think it might be okay, she goes and does something that just makes it all worse again.

I'm not particularly happy with my art class either; I'm not very good at figure drawing and I don't think I'll be able to pick it up particularly well. At the moment, I'm tentatively a printmaking concentration, so it's not really a big deal, thank goodness. Basically, I just get really frustrated. I'm going to Pearl sometime this weekend to get supplies, hopefully...

In some better news, I met a girl in Japanese who's seen parts of TeniPuri before~ I'm going to show her more tomorrow... I don't think she particularly likes slash, but I'm going to try to convince her. Maybe I can get her to watch a Myu or two... ^^; Hee. Basically, I'm really excited I found someone else who likes Prince of Tennis!

I went home yesterday to teach some classes for Scary Mary and brought a lot of stuff back with me... I have more shelves now, yay~ Maybe I should take more pictures...

Also, tonight is parade night! I'm super excited. I need to get some water balloons...

Lastly, but not leastly, I invested in some charamates! I'm so excited. I hope they ship soon~ I got Kite, Rin, and Ryoma for myself, and then gifts for [livejournal.com profile] chiachiaamichan and [livejournal.com profile] yomimashou~ I'm more excited about this than I should be XD;


Also, this video is really cute. Even if I'm not so in love with 5th cast.
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suteki ni kiss (4:06:04 PM): It seems like Ryoma goes to be early and wakes up late, and Tezuka goes to bed late and gets up early XD
suteki ni kiss (4:06:07 PM): how does that work?
alchemist1910 (4:06:17 PM): I have no idea
alchemist1910 (4:07:10 PM): XD
suteki ni kiss (4:08:21 PM): xD; he secretly sucks the energy out of ryoma. he's a vampire.
alchemist1910 (4:08:41 PM): as long as he doesn't sparkle like Edward Cullen, that's fine
suteki ni kiss (4:10:50 PM): edward cullen!Tez makes me laugh extremely hard.
alchemist1910 (4:11:11 PM): *shakes head* just no
suteki ni kiss (4:11:13 PM): is he going to knock Ryoma up and then make him a vampire, too? XD;;
alchemist1910 (4:11:37 PM): sure, why the hell not?
alchemist1910 (4:11:48 PM): just can't let the kid be named something retarded
suteki ni kiss (4:12:05 PM): I forget what the kid's name was. My sister is obsessed with those books -____-
alchemist1910 (4:12:10 PM): renesmee
suteki ni kiss (4:12:21 PM): wtf kind of name is that?
alchemist1910 (4:12:30 PM): i've never read them... I HAVE NO IDEA
suteki ni kiss (4:12:47 PM): I haven't either... they scare me. XD;
alchemist1910 (4:13:05 PM): me too...
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Hey, Flist. XD;

So, sorry I've been so neglectful! Basically, to be entirely honest, [livejournal.com profile] lion_crest has eaten my life, especially now that I've taken up three characters... XD; But it's all great fun! If anyone out there is interested, we seriously need like half of Seigaku, Fudosan, Yamabuki, and Higa!

Today, Elizabeth dropped in entirely randomly. XD; She called and said she was driving to Delaware, and then appeared here. It was really nice to see her again-- I really missed her, and I still miss Kayla and Tiina a lot... I can't wait to go back to school.

Obviously, I'm back from Chicago. It was a nice, short visit... and I got two pairs of shoes and a notebook out of it, so XD;

Monday, me and my little sister are heading off to Hershey Park, and then we're going to stay the night in Lancaster and spend Tuesday shopping. So, mini-hiatus, though not really, since I'm sure we'll have wifi at the hotel. *knocks on wood* I'm looking forward to it-- she and I haven't been to Hershey together in a while, and I do love my imouto-chan ♥

Um... this is a useless post. Yay. Also, I've gotten addicted to this song *___*;
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Me? Post? Neverrrrrrr.

Honestly, I haven't been up to much in the past two weeks. XD; I taught the High School Musical Three camp at DDC; my group was the best group of 8 and 9 year olds I've ever had, and I love every single one of them to bits. Seriously, it was the best camp group, and they actually made work sort of enjoyable, besides the terrible music. I got them all HSM ring pops as a reward after the show. XD;

This week, I'm choreographing on 2x/3/3x girls. I'm doing a dance to Hitomi wo Tojite Kokoro no Mama Boku wa Kimi wo Omou, because I love that song. XD; Sunshine said she likes the music too XD;; I'm almost done the dance, and it's looking really good :D The only thing that sucks is that we're in E, so there's like no space... but such is life. The show is this friday at DDC, which isn't much of a grande show, but I'm excited. I'm sure we'll get it recorded, so I can show it off once I get back to school. XD;

Um... nothing much else. Kicking around the internets, RPing, watching mystery shows... [livejournal.com profile] redkittychan did a photoshoot of us in our everyday clothes at Brandywine Springs park today... I think I got heat stroke, but the pictures will be nice! I can't wait to see them~

In other news, my disc drive is refusing to burn anything now. I need to take it in @______@;;; This is like, the first time I've ever had trouble with this computer... I guess that's good, but I'm still upset it's not working and nothing I could find about it online is helping TT____TT;;

Also, I'm apartment-sitting for Kim this weekend. In case anyone cares. XD; I'm a little worried I'll burn down the house, but... here's to hoping I don't. XD;;;

I've been trying to download DL6 all day, but all torrent programs hate me. It's not apparent that Peer Guardian helps at home, but I've been turning it off and on because it makes me feel better somehow to think it makes a difference. Every so often, Transmission decides that I have no seeds or that it only wants to download from 1 of 4 or 5 seeds, and then it tells me the estimated time is 15 days or something... but then when I restart it, it works fine. So basically, with stopping and starting and stuff, I should have DL6 downloaded in no later than 15 days from now @_____@;;; I hate torrents. Watch me finally finish struggling through this and then there's a direct download or something.

Hopefully I'll have something productive and fandom related to post soon. Sorry I'm so lame, guys! XD;
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Kanan totally questioned Hazel's religiousness. I think he's going to cry XD;;;
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Saw Death Note II: The Last Name today in theatres, and... LOL @ dub! XD;;; It was so strange watching a dub... but hey, I hadn't seen it before, and it was kinda cool to see Death Note in theatres.

There were a lot of awesome shippy moments between L and Light, though not as many as I would have hoped, but I was glad about the ending, rather than what happens in the manga... because Light/Misa SUCKS--ahem, that is to say. Light/L is much better. *nods* The other awesome thing being, of course, the Yagami Souichirou was played by none other than Chairman Kaga from Iron Chef!! It was so awesome.

Also, in tribute to [livejournal.com profile] storm_of_62 and [livejournal.com profile] omniomphalos: "If L and Light, then I should be able to date strippers!"

In other news, [livejournal.com profile] nitro_dressing is SO MUCH FUN! Hazel's like "I slept with an angel! 8D" Also, I now own all of Saiyuki Reload :D;; On to the first series, I guess...

[EDIT] Forgot to mention one awesomeness: Trailer for Ping Pong before Death Note! I was dying from the awesome XD
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Wow, this is really very amusing. XD;;; In one day, Hazel has successfully seduced Konzen, decided that the Gaiden cast are angels, made Gojyo fear for the future, and picked a fight with both Chos.

Go Hazel. XD;;

[EDIT] I really want to make a "your mom" joke at Gojyo now... XD;;;;
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Messing around in [livejournal.com profile] nitro_dressing made me think about some things...

On Kanan:
① You almost never see Kanan with her eyes open. In all of the flashbacks, when you get a good look at her (ex: the colour page at the beginning of volume 4, the "the child of that monster is inside me" picture, the picture of her and Gonou frolicking through the fields of flowers) she has her eyes closed. The only other character who I can find who exhibits this trait is Chin Yisou. Is there a connection here?
② Kanan is, as far as anyone can tell, Catholic. Gonou was, judging from the nuns and crosses, Catholic. It can be deduced, from the crucifixes apparent in the Sunspot arc, that Hazel is also Catholic (aka, Minekura's "True Church of the West" is the Catholic church). All three of these individuals are notably racist. Hmmmmmmmmm.
③ For that matter, Kanan and Hazel have the same religion! TT___TT;; Alas.

Regardless... it's amusing pissing Kanan off as Hazel. XD;;; Though she's kind of kicking his ass right now...... Oh well. XD;;;

[EDIT] Haha... Hazel ran into Konzen & friends... and is refusing to believe that they're gods (as in, there's more than one god XD). I find it very strange that I so love such a religious, racist character... but I love Hazel so. XD;;;


Feb. 4th, 2008 09:03 pm
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I miss Mugenjou. I know it's random to be emoing about it now, but I just looked back a bit, and... I don't know. I'm nostalgic. I miss it. It was fun. It was what introduced me to lj. Even if I missed the glory days... I miss it.

Most of all, though, I miss the people. I wish I had been able to keep in touch with them...but I haven't. I miss Yomi, and Ren, and Friday, and Rinny, and Toast, and Elle, and all the people who were nice to me, even though I was a complete n00b. I wish I had found a way to keep in touch... but alas. I'm too shy, as usual.

Oh well. Life goes on. *sigh*
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So, I've gotten a lot of positive responses for a multifandom (panfandom?) livejournal RP. Now, down to the nitty-gritty: what does everyone want to do? We need a plot after all. So far, we've been thinking of calling it "poignation" XD;; But we still need to decide on the setup and all. We've had the suggestion of a (haunted) boardinghouse in the English countryside, at which all the characters would be staying for different reasons, but I'm still open for suggestions. So let me know what you think!

Another matter: I'm perfectly willing to be a mod again and set everything up and run everything, or whatever, but is there anyone else who wants to co-mod? Let me know if you want to, and after I set everything up, I'll set you up as a co-mod and fill you in on everything, okay? <3

Yay. X3; I'm quite excited about this.

[EDIT] So, I just thought of another thing we have to touch on: magic or no magic? I'm leaning towards no (that means, in a general sense, real-world setting, no magic powers or monsters), but let me know how you guys feel.

And, since I posted it, but didn't really touch on it, the requirements for modding are basic knowledge of html, good organizational skills, and a lot of time and commitment :D;;


Dec. 6th, 2007 11:23 pm
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So, I placed this offer once before, but I'll throw it out there once more, more as a plea for help than anything.

I need images very badly, for my Hinata's screen doesn't lend itself well to the desktops I made to fit Sacchi. I need to make myself a whole new set of desktops, and for this I need images. So. Here are the boundaries for what I want:
♣ Pairing or fandom I like. I very much respect everyone else's otps and favourite fandoms, but for my desktops, I'd like to stick to what I know for now.
♣ Nothing too explicit. I love all that shit from 4chan as much as the next girl, but I don't need that on my desktop. XD;;;
♣ On the flip side, nothing really mainstream. Like, things I can easily collect myself I probably don't need, like manga cover scans and group shots. Likely as not, I won't be able to use it.
♣ Nothing too huge or too small. Keep in mind this is for a desktop which is to be, in pixels, 1440 by 900. A 100x100 icon won't be much good to me, and neither will a 2000x2000 blowup of a splash.

So, now on to what you want to know: What do I get out of this?
You shall receive:
♧ A copy of all desktops made from your images. I will probably be making them in 2 dimensions, one for Sacchi and the other for Hinata, so you can specify which size if it is, indeed, an option.
♧ Icons. 1 icon for every three images; you can specify a quote, lyrics, image, fandom, or ship, and I'll do my best, however, you may need to supply me with images for that, too. XD;;

So. Go forth and help me PLEASE. <3

In other news, would anyone be interested in a small multifandom lj-setup rp between just like, the few of us? I know multifandom seems weird between us, but it would allow everyone to do something they're comfortable with, and we could just centre it around crossover pairings (which can be fun in their own rite, really). Let me know, I thought it could be pretty fun in a sort of low-key way and I'm dying to be in another lj-setup. It's been ages since I've done one. <3

Please let me know on all accounts <3
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I miss [livejournal.com profile] mugenjou_high like mad. I just went back and reread all my posts as Mokuba...ahaha...it's silly to be nostalgic, but...

I kind of really want to RP Mokuba right now. Is anyone interested in Seto/Mokuba or Noa/Mokuba? ^^;;;;;;;;
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So. I want to apply for [livejournal.com profile] sortinghat_rp with [livejournal.com profile] vink_sama. The applications said they were closed until noon (PST) on the 24th. That was a while ago, and the notice that says "Any applications posted below this comment will be promptly deleted and not accept!" is still there. Is there anyone here who knows what's going on, or knows that the mod is away, or something? Just curious, not trying to seem impatient or rude or anything.

In other news, my sister goes back to school tomorrow! Hahahahaha. I have until Thursday.


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