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Sorry about the lateness of this post, but... I made it home in one piece! America was super busy and stressful with all the family obligations, but... I'm back now!

I'm still way more jet-lagged than I expected, so I've spent most of the time sleeping and wondering whether my body wants me to eat or not eat, but I'm sure I'll be rejuvenated soon. For now... just trying to survive jumping right back into work after my trip XD;

On the bright side, only slightly more than a week until I see NEWS in Shizuoka!
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In an attempt to avoid letting it join the long list of overdue concert reports that I need to write, here's the report for the first day of NEWS's 2017 Tour, which I saw in Sapporo on Saturday! I had a really good time and tried to capture as much detail as possible here, so I hope it's an enjoyable read!

NEWS Live Tour 2017 'Neverland,' 2017.4.1 @ 5 pm )

All in all, there were some weird parts or parts that I need to see again to really get, but all in all, it was a really great show and I enjoyed it a lot! It's always fun to see the happenings that go on on the first day, too XD; There were particularly a lot of mic issues this time! But at any rate, I'm really looking forward to going again!
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Back from Hokkaido! This trip was really fun and busy, so I'm exhausted now and I'm going to get to bed, but for the time being, I wanted to say that I'm here, I'm alive, and the concert was amazing! Our seats were in the arena literally two seats away from the center stage, which means we saw the majority of the concert with the guys extremely up close, and it was a really wonderful experience.

For now, things are kind of crazy because I'm going to work for the usual start of the year meetings and what have you until the opening ceremony and entrance ceremony on Friday, and then on Saturday I'm leaving again to head to the US for a relative's wedding. I'm not thrilled with this situation, or with missing the first week of school, but it is what it is.

At any rate, right now I'm full of love for Shige and already looking forward to the next shows (probably Nagoya for me), so I'm just going to try to ride the good feelings and get to bed.
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Why does it take so long to put stupid chocolates into stupid bags?? Sheesh. I spent like 2 hours today packing up the chocolates for my JHS so that I can give them out tomorrow... 36 baggies, which is less than half of the total chocolates I have to package up over all. T__T;;;

But at least it's done, and I can do elementary tomorrow, and everything else as it comes, so I'm not too worried about it at this point. The worst of the chocolate-ing this year has passed. T__T;;

In other news (haha, news), I've now listened to Emma more times than any other NEWS song, and the obsession isn't showing signs of stopping OTL. Why did this happen to me?! And that doesn't even include plays on other people's phones and plays of the PV. I read an analysis of the lyrics on a Japanese blog and the fact that there's way more there than first meets the eye only made me love it more, OTL.

Also!! How about that Peach Girl trailer! Inochan's first crossdressing on TV *EVER*! And NEWS announced an album today, too. So I really can't really complain; today has been pretty good XD;
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Today was exhausting. I had to meet a new coworker (the replacement for someone who I really, really disliked and who was generally a rude, racist, sexist asshole, so I was glad that he was being replaced, but also nervous that his replacement might be equally awful) and teach the class of kids who have intense behavioral issues, and then also teach an observation lesson that parents would be watching, so I was pretty much dreading the day from when I woke up in the morning. Luckily, I had a brand-new shirt to wear for the first time, and I felt like my outfit looked great and fashionable despite being a modified suit outfit (I had to wear a suit jacket for the observation lesson, but wore a cardigan for the rest of the day), and I also think my makeup looked great. For me, feeling like I look good in the morning and having that confidence boost can really make or break a day for me, so I started off on a good foot!

And then I met the new coworker, and he was, as far as I could tell, polite and respectful and not awful! When I had first met the previous awful guy and he found out I had way more experience than him, he'd gotten all up in arms and told me that I "had to respect him" and tried to nitpick literally everything I did to a ridiculous extent. The new coworker, when I told him I'd been working at my school for 4 and a half years, responded, "Wow, you must really know your stuff, then!" When Japanese coworkers, including the principal of the school asked the previous asshole guy to do anything, he'd say "WHAT?? Speak English!!" and argue with everything they asked of him. The new guy was very careful to be polite to my coworkers and do whatever was asked of him without getting in the way or being a bother. I don't really know anything about his personality and I don't think we're going to be best friends or anything, but I already have a positive impression of him. It's amazing how much just a respectful and polite attitude can get things off to the right start! (Also, as an aside, it's amazing how horrible and entitled and generally gross some foreign people can act in Japan.)

The horrible class was maybe slightly less horrible than they're fully capable of being, and then the parent observation class went fine, and randomly, one kid ran up to me outside of class announcing, "Everyone's talking about how Miranda-sensei is really good at kanji! Actually, katakana, hiragana, and kanji, the rumor is that all your writing is really neat and good!" Which was really cute, and made me feel good about myself. XD I'm not sure where this "hearsay" came from, but I was flattered, especially coming from a ten year old who really clearly was just saying it with no ulterior motive, and not trying to suck up to me, or anything like that.

And then I came home and watched the Emma PV a bunch of times, so all in all, it was actually a pretty successful day! I'm exhausted now, and ready for the weekend, but I'm glad that I was able to get through this day!
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For the first time in almost a year, I have icons! Annoyingly, because I have photoshop CS5 but now have a retina display Macbook from 2016, my version of photoshop is basically useless because everything looks so pixelated, OTL. I spent the afternoon using my old and barely functioning old laptop for these, but I think it was worth it!

[94] NEWS
[2] NEWS
[1] Kato Shigeaki & Koyama Keiichiro
[3] Koyama Keiichiro & Tegoshi Yuya
[11] Koyama Keiichiro
[17] Masuda Takahisa
[19] Tegoshi Yuya
[41] Kato Shigeaki

奇跡起こせ♪ )

Quartetto & Biteki scans from here and here @ [livejournal.com profile] inala

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If you're unsure how to credit me in your icon comments, please check this example!
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In an (almost, maybe?) all time record of lateness, here's my second new year's meme of the year. I was crap about writing fic in 2016, but I still wrote some worthwhile stuff, I think.

Fics for 2016! )

This week is already long, ugh, but the first week back always is, I suppose. I'll do my best to keep being productive!


Nov. 12th, 2016 11:52 pm
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Today [livejournal.com profile] yomimashou came over and we finally got through the backlog of magazines that I had to be cut! 100% of the non-idol magazines (fashion, movie, TV, etc) magazines that I had bought for JUMP or Inoo are cut now! I'm amazed; it seemed like it was never going to get finished XD; I had built up Inoo magazines... since Karafuto Ojisan?? At first, he didn't have that many magazines, so it didn't really matter if I kept the whole magazine or not, but around early 2015, it really started to pick up, and my house was a magazine disaster. I now have 6 wide binders and 5 letter sized (A4) binders of Inoo magazine pages, 5 wide binders and 6 A4 binders of JUMP or other JUMP members magazine pages, 1 wide binder and 2 A4 binders of NEWS/Shige magazine pages, 2 A4 binders of other Johnny's magazine pages, and 2 wide binders of Inoo and Daiki's "with" corner pages. I'm pretty happy about this!

In other news, I'm trying to sort through and get rid of the majority of my old issues of the 5 regular monthly idol magazines. I'm going to either sell them to Book Off or an idol goods store, but if you have a back issue of Myojo, Popolo, Duet, Winkup, or Potato between September 2012 and September 2016, please let me know! Up until then, I got two or three of the five choices each month, so there's a slightly greater than 50% chance that I'll have it! I'm happy to send it to anyone here for just the cost of shipping, so if you're interested in any almost-free magazines, please do let me know.

I think I'm coming down with something. @__@; I can't stop coughing. Time to drink one last cup of tea and head to bed!
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Finally, I'm getting around to writing my report from NEWS's Quartetto concert in Tokyo Dome. Better late than never? I'm sorry I'm awful about doing these things on time T__T;

At any rate, I really enjoyed this concert tour, but I had some hesitations about seeing it in Tokyo Dome. I've had very few really good experiences in Tokyo Dome; because it's so huge and hard to see something from any view and anything from some views, I feel like the best view I've ever had there is mediocre. From the arena, you can sort of see the closest stage and catwalk area but nothing else; from the lower stands you can what what's close to you okay but everything else is a tiny speck and you can't even tell who is who from how small their faces seem. From the front few rows of the fourth floor, you can see sort of a good overview but it's hard to get super into it because you're so removed; from the back of the fourth floor stands, you can see an even tinier view of the whole show, but you're so far back that the sound takes too long to travel to your ears and everything is slightly off. And don't even get me started on the lower stand outfield seats-- Gate 25 stands are the absolute worst. You're behind the main stage, so the "best" view that you have is of their backs, and the biggest screen, the one behind the main stage, is at an angle such that you can't really watch it, so there's not a good screen, either.

Based on my past experiences with all of these views of Tokyo Dome, and after having an amazing time in the tiny Nagoya venue where, even in our seats pretty far away from the stage, we were able to see them up close, I was trepidatious about how the show would be in Tokyo Dome. But luckily, it was much, much better than I had expected!

NEWS Quartetto Tour, Tokyo Dome, June 11th @ 6 pm )

Whew. I'm glad I finally got that done! It was a really great show, so I want to share it with everyone. ♥
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Sunday was crazy busy, so I didn't really have time to post, but!! Inochan was so good in the Doctor X special! I was sort of let down by how melodramatic the main plot was and how there wasn't much weight given to Inochan's resolution in terms of the skating tournament, but he was really good and I enjoyed his performance a lot. Also! You can see me! My face was cut off, but I'm right behind him when he's speaking in the end, so… yay? XD;

Today was an ALT Day event at [livejournal.com profile] yomimashou's school, and it was the first time I've ever been to her school! Her ALT Days were all on days I couldn't be scheduled to go in the past, so I was never chosen, but I finally had a chance go! There was a part of the activity where the students had to ask me who my favorite famous person was, and it was exciting that most of them knew Inochan without prompting, and all of them knew who he was once I gave some context (the guy who likes cats on Shimura Doubutsuen, lol). Most of them wrote his name on their paper as "Inou," but hey, I'll take what I can get. XD;

This week continues to suck, but I'm going to do my best to get to the weekend. T__T; My friends and I are going to Tokyo to celebrate Shige's birthday, so I'm looking forward to that!
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I spent all today watching The Music Day, and I have no regrets! It was enjoyable from beginning to end, and I felt like ever during the day when the show is obviously geared towards an older audience, the enka didn't outweigh the parts that were interesting to me. I enjoyed all the little Arashi segments, and while I don't really follow AKB anymore (not that I ever really followed them hardcore, but I used to follow them more than I do now), I appreciated Milky getting to sing her graduation single.

But the most exciting part of the afternoon segment was most definitely the really long and unexpected segment about NEWS!! I guess it's because they're doing 24 hour TV, but there was a long segment about their history in terms of going from 9 to 4, and it even included a reenactment with actors to play the four members (most notably Koyama) acting out various struggles during the period when they went from 6 to 4. The actors were hilarious just on their own (really only Koyama's actor, who looked absolutely nothing like Koyama, had lines, but there was a scene with the four of them together, and while Shige was maa maa and you never saw Massu's actor's face, they just took an actor, dyed his hair bleach blonde, and put him in a leopard print matching top and bottom, and voila… Tego. I laughed really hard at that… but the segment, which included surprise footage from the Utsukushii Koi concert of everyone ugly-crying, was really moving, and it made me, my friends, and some of the announcers on the show cry. I don't know why the media loves surprising me with ugly-crying Shige, but I'm really happy that they were able to have that moving segment on such a major show as The Music Day, and I was really happy when my friend told me that Full Swing was trending on Twitter after they performed it. It was so wonderful, and I'm really happy for them.

They stayed on after their performance to watch Aiba's Shiyagare segment and have their reactions shown on the bottom of the screen, and I laughed when it turned out Aiba's segment was about making a chorus of entirely tone-deaf people. He used an app to test if people were tone-deaf or not; the app tested if you were singing the right notes and the right rhythm, and then it gave a number score. If that number score was under 40, the person was considered tone-deaf… and I really want to see Shige try the app, lol. Poor baby. I love you even though you can't sing!

And then in the evening came the medley, which was just as fun as usual, complete with Inochan flirting with many V6 members! He was in the same segment as Inocchi, and when the next group came on singing a V6 song, Inocchi jokingly tried to stay onstage dancing while Inoo tried to drag him offstage. Cute! And then during the finale, Inochan and Okada had their arms around one another and were dancing cutely together! Also, random bonus for the fact that Hikaru has once again bleached his hair out and it's no longer all-over pink, just blonde with pink highlights. To me this is much preferable. XD;

Apparently after this, Hikaru and Inoo did Radirer and then came back for the JUMP performance XD In the interim, however (if I recall correctly?), NEWS performed again, this time a medley of NYARO and their new song, Koi wo Shiranai Kimi e. I really enjoyed them having fun and playing around during NYARO, and I liked the new song and performance a lot too. I especially liked the aesthetic at the end when they stood holding their mics in both hands, which I thought was really… I don't know. Pretty? Fitting? It was nice. However, I'm pretty bitter that the first line of the song is Tego's solo line? I mean… I know Shige is never going to be the best singer, but because of that, he usually doesn't have prominent solo lines in any other songs. It would be nice if he could at least have them when it was a theme song for his drama :P I guess Hikari no Shizuku just got my hopes up, but. I'm still bitter about it.

And then last in the line of things that were my top priority to see was JUMP's performance! I sort of wish they'd start doing stuff from the new album already, but I know this performance was supposed to be summer themed. When they came out, they had a cute interaction with Sho where he called Inoo "Iio," and Inoo got to say "It's Inoo!!" I'm really glad that that joke is still running. XD Sho even called it a "teiban," if I recall correctly, or like… a standard/staple? gag, so I'm glad that everyone still enjoys it. Also! Inochan had his hair tucked behind his ears, which surprisingly didn't look stupid, and allowed me to see his earpiece for the first time ever! It was hard to tell if it was light blue or white, due to the lighting, but it had a K written on it, seemingly matching Daiki's that have a D on one side and an A on the other. Cute! The performance itself was adorable, too, so all in all, it was great.

I'm really glad this year was such an enjoyable The Music Day. Tomorrow is going to suck, but I'm happy I was able to watch this today!
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Today was TV Tokyo's Ongakusai, and it was fun! JUMP performed really early, so sadly, that was over in the first hour, but they were really cute, and it's really amazing to me how much screen time Inochan gets now ;~~~; I'm so happy for him.

And then, conversely, NEWS was… almost last. XD I was starting to wonder if they got stuck in traffic or something when they finally showed up like 3 songs from the end… wearing their horrifying highlighter fringe-skirt costumes from the tour. They were literally my least favorite costumes of the whole concert, and I was not thrilled to see them on TV. They were about to ask Massu about them when some random guy showed up and advertised his show over them or something? I don't know, it was one of those odd live TV moments where things clearly didn't go according to the script. Also, I was super not a huge fan of Shige's hair. But they were still cute in their performance, so yay. ♥

Tomorrow is going to be busy, but hopefully also productive. And it's almost the weekend!
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First and foremost, I'm totally in shock that on Rajira tonight, Hikaru wrote a song about his love for Inoo and sang it on air?!? I haven't had a chance yet, but I want to look for a transcription or something so that I can translate it, but omg. It was amazing and Inochan seemed so kyun'd by it and ahhhhh. The reasoning was that they were doing a corner about whether Inoo would or wouldn't want presents that listeners wrote in asking about, and someone suggested a song called "Inoo Kei" written and composed by Hikaru about his love for Inochan, sung on air. After that person wrote in, Hikaru was secretly writing the song the whole time, until he sang it in the seduction corner! InoHika is so beautiful ;____; I can't wait to hear their duet on the album. As an aside, Inochan's seducing an umbrella was also beautiful, but since Hikaru, as he put it in his own words, "seduced Inoo, too," I had no choice but to vote for Hikaru, and for once Hikaru won, ahaha. Also, the sushi cake that the staff gave to Inochan was truly beautiful.

Secondly, my friends and I watched every NEWS PV and the occasional making clip ripped from music shows from NEWS Nippon to One -for the win-, with the exception of Chankapaana because of technical difficulties, and it was truly beautiful. They were such cute babies, and they're such talented adults ;~;

Thirdly, [livejournal.com profile] yomimashou reserved Inochan's birthday cake for me, and I'm excited! ♥ I can't believe he's almost 26. All of JUMP is getting old. XD;
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I'm back from Tokyo! It was a long and tiring weekend, but NEWS was amazing and I'm so happy I was able to see them again. The show was just as good as in Nagoya, and even though they were far away, I was able to see them pretty well. It was my first time in the 3rd floor balcony, and it was really good! It felt much closer than the 4th floor stands, while giving a good view of the whole place (as opposed to, say, the last row of the 2nd floor stands, where you're low enough that it's pretty hard to see the parts of the setup that are far away).

I'm going to try to get my actual report written as soon as possible, but I have to say the highlight for me was when, despite the fact that I was quite high up in the stands, Shige saw me and pointed to me! ♥♥♥ That's the first time I've ever been pointed at in Tokyo Dome AND the first time I've been seen by Shige, so all around, it was exciting!

And then on Sunday, we went to buy paparazzi photos. Some of the basement shops were advertising having photos from the Tokyo Dome shows already, but I really prefer a certain shop where you can choose using iPads, so we ended up getting photos from Sapporo and Fukuoka instead. It was sad that they weren't from our show, but on the bright side, Shige didn't have the truly horrible hair that he had for Tokyo Dome. While usually he chances to the side-swept hair at the halfway point, so you can see the undercut on one side of his head, in Tokyo Dome, he had the long hair all sort of weirdly piled into a mohawk/faux-hawk hybrid on the top of his had using pins, and you could see both undercut sides, and then it sort of awkwardly became a mullet-type thing in the back? It was very mysterious and very unfortunate (in my opinion… bring back long hair Shige T_T). So at least the paparazzi photos I got don't have that hair… though you can see in the ones I did get that the undercut is really uneven and it makes me wonder who the heck did it. It's not cleanly shaved in a line or anything, it's sort of jagged and janky. |D; Shige, come on.

But! The biggest paparazzi surprise was that, out of curiosity, when I looked in the "by member" sorting on the iPad, I found photos from 2006 of Happy Music Shige!!! It's a fact of life that I'm hopelessly infatuated with both the song Happy Music and Shige's costume and appearance and performance for it, but I really never thought I'd be able to find paparazzi photos of it at this point. But!!! I was able to get this photo of it, and two more!!! I love how pouty he is, especially because it directly contrasts with his guitar that says "Happy Music" on it. XD; So cute ♥

I'm going to try to catch up on stuff that I got behind on due to being away for the weekend, but hopefully I can get my report done soon!
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✿ A new NEWS single was announced yesterday, for Shige's role in his upcoming drama! I'm really happy for him and excited about it. I preordered the box set, which is something I've never seen from Johnny's before, but I hope it was the right choice. XD;

✿ One more day until the NEWS concert! I'm really excited, and in my group of four friends, we're doing colored clothes and have our set of uchiwa and the whole thing is just very exciting. XD Until I have 8 friends into JUMP, this sort of thing isn't feasible with a bigger group, so I'm very pumped. |D;

✿ The color contacts I ordered seemed to work okay? I'm not sure what wearing color contacts is supposed to be like, but I definitely could see the color some. Hopefully I can at least wear them for a few hours of the day, like hanging out around the venue before the show. ^^

✿ It's not raining today!

✿ I'll be gone all weekend in Tokyo, so I'll reply to anything when I get back! Sorry for any inconveniences.
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On May 7th, I went down to Nagoya to see NEWS in Nippon Gaishi Hall! Unfortunately, I had a fever that day, which really sucked, but I was still able to enjoy the show! I'm going again in June, but before that, I wanted to share my experience from May, so I've written up a little report here!

NEWS Quartetto Tour in Nippon Gaishi Hall, 2016.5.7 @ 5 pm )

The show was seriously amazing. *___* I can't wait to see it again in Tokyo!
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I'm so proud of the uchiwa that I made for NEWS's Quartetto tour that I took way too many pictures, but I really want to share them here. Since my IRL friends group is four people, I was really excited that it worked out that we could do a complete set of four! It's so adorable that NEWS has shapes and colors, and that fact really lends itself to making cute uchiwa, so I really wanted to take advantage of it. If you're interested to see more of what I made, check them out under the cut!

☐♡▽○ )

Sadly, our Koyama wasn't able to come with us to Nagoya, so I'm looking forward to using them all together in Tokyo a month from now!
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Well, yesterday was extremely shitty, but I don't want to dwell on it! So in order to make myself feel better, I'm going to post a Shige appreciation post. Because who doesn't want to appreciate Shige (don't answer that).

This is pretty much just a random assortment of photos that I've been enjoying recently, but I'll throw them here loosely in chronological order because I like order. |D;

♪〜Baby, listen to the happy music〜♪ )

It's my last free weekend before a long string of stuff (Sexy Zone, KAT-TUN, Golden Week, NEWS), but of course I didn't do anything productive today. OTL. Oh well… I'll just sit here and look at Shige. > 3 >
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Because I'm a total loser and watching too much old Ya-ya-yah is bad for my heart, I've compiled a few cute old pictures of Kusano and Shige together and I'm going to post them here. YOLO.

♪〜いつかは巡り会えると君と同じ夢が見えると〜♪ )

So yeah. This is what I've been doing with the past month OTL. I'm a special person, but whatever. Their love is beautiful.


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