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I am SO SORE. I took class today, but I shouldn't be THAT out of shape. Apparently, I am, though, and oh god, is walking going to be sad tomorrow. @___@ I already hurt all over.

I also auditioned for my piece in the spring gala today. It went... interestingly, to say the least. Here's to hoping everything works out @____@;;

AHHH I'm not at all packed for Japan and it's making me stress all of a sudden. WHERE DID ALL THE TIME GO??

But, on the bright side, I made some new *pnish* desktops for myself and [livejournal.com profile] yomimashou, and I made a Tuti and Nagayan background for Parvati (the blackberry) :3 How did I fall so much in love with *pnish* recently? XD;


May. 23rd, 2010 12:24 am
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Also, I had about an hour of free time between shows, and so I drew a quick pen drawing of Parvati! It's really just a sketch, and since I did it in ball point pen on cheap lined notebook paper, it's especially messy. But I slapped it in photoshop, took off the lines and some of the mess, and coloured it a bit, so at least it's not an eyesore. XD;

パールヴァティ〜 )
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I hate April first. XO I'm so naive. Like, EVERYONE EVER tricked me. :P

I've been meaning to post for a while... but I've been so busy with Anime Boston coming up. Three cons in one year is a lot for me... and I'm going to go broke. -___-; But I'm looking forward to it... even if I'm NOT looking forward to the 6 hour drive. XO

In other news, the new Modern 3 teacher teaches Horton. I hurt ALL FUCKING OVER. But at the same time, since I did Horton at home, I have to think a lot less and kind of enjoy it. And I think it's good for Bryn Mawr modern dancers who haven't had Horton and aren't used to the level of technique and discipline it requires. Still. I'm so fucking sore.

There was something else I wanted to say, but I forget. :P
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Nutcracker is over... I'm withholding comment simply because I don't really want to talk about it.


Tenimyu actor meme tiemz!! This was lots of fun, especially looking at my old answers from last time. XD;

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I kept my computer running all night to do it, but,

I managed to download Dream Live 6th!

That being said, I'm attempting to download the backstage now. Fingers crossed, and then after that I'll do the adlibs and then I'll be done because I already downloaded the Shiten B stuff ddl, yays!

And of course, once something works for me on torrent, I get cocky and try to do more, so I'm also attempting to download another episode of YYH. Apparently, I have 11 peers, but I'm only downloading from one of them. I don't know why this is, but I kind of hate torrents. x____X;

Off to work~ Sunshine's trying to talk Scary into paying me some minimal amount for this, yay~
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Me? Post? Neverrrrrrr.

Honestly, I haven't been up to much in the past two weeks. XD; I taught the High School Musical Three camp at DDC; my group was the best group of 8 and 9 year olds I've ever had, and I love every single one of them to bits. Seriously, it was the best camp group, and they actually made work sort of enjoyable, besides the terrible music. I got them all HSM ring pops as a reward after the show. XD;

This week, I'm choreographing on 2x/3/3x girls. I'm doing a dance to Hitomi wo Tojite Kokoro no Mama Boku wa Kimi wo Omou, because I love that song. XD; Sunshine said she likes the music too XD;; I'm almost done the dance, and it's looking really good :D The only thing that sucks is that we're in E, so there's like no space... but such is life. The show is this friday at DDC, which isn't much of a grande show, but I'm excited. I'm sure we'll get it recorded, so I can show it off once I get back to school. XD;

Um... nothing much else. Kicking around the internets, RPing, watching mystery shows... [livejournal.com profile] redkittychan did a photoshoot of us in our everyday clothes at Brandywine Springs park today... I think I got heat stroke, but the pictures will be nice! I can't wait to see them~

In other news, my disc drive is refusing to burn anything now. I need to take it in @______@;;; This is like, the first time I've ever had trouble with this computer... I guess that's good, but I'm still upset it's not working and nothing I could find about it online is helping TT____TT;;

Also, I'm apartment-sitting for Kim this weekend. In case anyone cares. XD; I'm a little worried I'll burn down the house, but... here's to hoping I don't. XD;;;

I've been trying to download DL6 all day, but all torrent programs hate me. It's not apparent that Peer Guardian helps at home, but I've been turning it off and on because it makes me feel better somehow to think it makes a difference. Every so often, Transmission decides that I have no seeds or that it only wants to download from 1 of 4 or 5 seeds, and then it tells me the estimated time is 15 days or something... but then when I restart it, it works fine. So basically, with stopping and starting and stuff, I should have DL6 downloaded in no later than 15 days from now @_____@;;; I hate torrents. Watch me finally finish struggling through this and then there's a direct download or something.

Hopefully I'll have something productive and fandom related to post soon. Sorry I'm so lame, guys! XD;
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Dress rehearsal and performance went off without a hitch! Everything went perfectly fine, and we actually had to start late because so many people were buying tickets at the door. Of course, certain *cough* people were "injured" and Elaine was bitchy when she was hungry and gave me that "I'm showing off because I know I'm better than you" look when she was next to the wing in Green Grove, but, really, generally, it was a good first show.

The program is lovely, and I got credit for the art, and, even more exciting, I got to be on headset for stage left! I'm "moving up in the word," as Header put it. It's really funny listening to the random conversation of the guys who do lighting and sound, and Sunch, of course.

I got my part of the econ project and the machi project out of the way for now... So I'm relatively stress-free for the duration of being at home. I get to watch the show tomorrow, and to eat some red meat, whooooo. I'm planning on trying to write some Dirty Pair tonight, but I realized that it's a lot harder for me to write when I'm at home because I end up getting distracted by the TV. XD;;

My email works again, in consolation. I'm starting to get better. My throat was un-hoarse enough that I could sing along with TeniMyu in the car on the way to the theatre. XD;
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GODDAMNIT WHY WON'T MY EMAIL WORK? >___> As of right now, I can't receive emails on my personal account, I'm not sure why, so if you sent me something that I'm not responding, that's why. My Bryn Mawr account works fine, however, so if you want me to see something, send it there.

Last night, I had a dream that they were showing TeniMyu at the Grande Opera House and I somehow tricked my sister and Scary into seeing it with me... XD;;;

Gala tiemz = fun tiemz. BRB GOING TO MITCHELL ALL DAY.


Still sick. *cough*
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I feel mushy right now. I just read a lot of well-written fanfiction, which probably has something to do with it, but like... I dunno. Like emo-scene-in-a-chick-flick mushy. There's an unbelievable view from my window right now; it was raining hard and abruptly stopped, the sun is really bright mid sky to the west, and behind the silhouette of the Great Hall and the clock tower, the sky is brilliant blue. The campus is still overshadowed with rain clouds; on the cherry trees right outside my window, hints of pink are blossoming at the tips of the branches. When I sit on the window seat, I feel like I am in one of those emo scenes, only I have nothing, really, to be emo about. It's sad when I envy anime characters for particular elements of their lives. In the words of our own dear Atobe-sama, "suteki na romansu shitai..."

You know, I have a lot of favourite characters in Prince of Tennis, but, I've realized, Gakuto really is my very favourite. There's just something about him that I love deeply from the bottom of my heart; I empathize with him, on some level. There's something about his brashness, his hot-temperedness... I don't know. I love Atobe because he's fabulous, I love Ryoma because he's a snotty little brat, I love Eiji because he's sweet and insecure, I love Mizuki because he's a conniving bitch... But honestly, there's just something about sweet, stupid little Gakuto that I love the most.

I mean... I haven't been in fandom long enough to know if I fit in with others' ideas a lot (and Gakuto isn't so popular, so far as I can tell, to begin with), but my headcanon for Gakuto has shaped up rather distinctly as of recently, and my personal Gakuto needs to be needed. Like Hazel, I guess, if you want to draw the comparison to my Saiyuki love (and now that I think about it, it's a little disturbing, really), there's just something about the pathetic ones that I like. But, then again, that's just my personal headcanon. I kind of like the fact that, with Prince of Tennis, you have a lot of room for headcanon, really. I mean, I love Minekura to bits, and she's so talented and amazing and in Saiyuki, there is and there isn't and it's up to the reader to discern and she drops so many subtle hints and the characters are who they are, and I love analyzing Minekura's manga like the lit nerd I am. But there's something appealing about Konomi's boys, in that, there's just so many of them, not all of them can be delved into in canon. With characters like Gakuto (or most rivals, honestly) you have a lot of room for interpretation. Konomi gives you the character bios and that's it, you're on your own. And though I love lit, I love being creative, I think, even more.

My headcanon for Gakuto, for those who care to look )

Outside of my fandom-related ramblings... this weekend, I'm heading back to good old DE for a weekend of DDC stress! Scary volunteered me to work backstage without asking first, and so I'll be doing the spawn-of-Scary-Mary act this weekend (I think I need a nickname, too, but nothing rhymes or alliterates nicely...) I want the chance to write... I just want to write a lot this weekend. I have to work on various school-related things, but I'd like to pound out at least one more bit of OTJN as well as a one-shot, at least... I don't know if it'll happen, but. And being around the studio or the theatre makes me want to dance, and to start working on Make You Free, specifically... Alas.

...I really want to cosplay Gakuto sometime. I mean, I'm really excited to (possibly? Have we decided on this?) be Mizuki this summer, don't get me wrong. I just really want to be Gakuto someday. And, I mean, by normal person standards, I'm flexible, and I'm short, so... how could I go wrong? XD;

Uh... in other news, in Japanese today, Tiina announced that we were like the Ichinen Trio... and somehow, she became Horio, I became Kachiro, and a very tired, unobliging [livejournal.com profile] britkit27 became Katsuo. XD;;; We were singing Kounai Ranking and stuff. XD;;; We're so cool.

Lastly, this song is entirely filled with Royal Pair. Seriously, [livejournal.com profile] britkit27, how can you not see it?
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Um... I don't even know what possessed me to do this. XD;;; You're not going to understand this unless you're [livejournal.com profile] yomimashou, basically. XD;;; Because she's the only one familiar with both things I'm making fun of here.

The strange things born from my idle mind... )


I should be more embarrassed than I am about this... XD;;
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Your rainbow is shaded violet.


What is says about you: You are a creative person. You appreciate beauty and craftsmanship. You are patient and will keep trying to understand something until you've mastered it.

Find the colors of your rainbow at spacefem.com.

GAAHH tech week, so much work to do... I just need to suck it up and bust through it all, I guess.



At least my gifts should cheer me up... Thanks, family/girlfriend~ ♥ Love you all!
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Ah, Nutcracker season has come again. It's the time of year when Scary Mary is extra scary, when I most strongly desire to throttle the soldiers, when work gets done at the very last minute~ How I love Nutcracker season.

And how Nutcracker falls the weekend before finals. LOL.


Leave a list of fictional characters in your journal that you would love to get a message from. It is your friend-list's mission, should they choose to accept it, to write you an in-character "letter" from a character on that list. Then they post their own list in their journal and the process continues!

You can make up some random scenario for the letter to be about, if you want. Make it about their gay lovelife. XD;; I don't care. I don't actually expect anyone to do this, really... I just thought I'd post it for shits and giggles.

My list )

Having a good night's sleep last night was excellent~ I need to stop staying up so late XD;; Jesus, [livejournal.com profile] vink_sama, make me go to bed! XD
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♪ Hoooooooooooooome, we're comin' hoooooome again ♪

Ahem. That is to say, I'm going home today! My family is going to pick me up in like... 45 minutes 8D Because wellness got canceled... no rape whistle for me u____u But who cares, break is officially started for me ("after lass class Friday" lulz) and I'm going home again!

Actually... for the record... I'm okay with it here. I miss people, but I like it here. It'll be nice to be home, but I have no problems with being here at Bryn Mawr, either. XD;;;;; Oh Bryn Mawr. How I ♥ thee.

Just finished my Japanese test... いもうとがいますか。 はい、いもうとがいます。なまえわ劉龍女です。 ああ、そうですか! And of course, my favourite: しゅうまつになにをしょましたか。 デートをしました! Maybe that's not exactly a perfect description, but... whatever! Did my Chinese posting, too... So I'm done for today! Just have to write my essay and read Xiyouji over break... haha.

As for Ange's story, it's at 1/6(?) chapters and I'm partway through part 2... Hopefully I can get it done over break!!

And I promise. There will be SaiyuMyu icons SOMETIME in the near-ish future.

First Nutcracker rehearsal is あした! Now... where are my character shoes...?

[EDIT] DAMNIT! I was totally tempted to buy that Rock'n'Dolless doujin (for those who don't know, Rock'n'Dolless is a doujinshi circle who do FMA doujin) that was at NYAF but I decided against it and now I find out it was super rare. WTF?! *beats self* Oh well... There's always Otakon...
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❶ V is coming for thanksgiving YAY!!
❷ Percy is mine forever and ever and ever! Until he dies...which may be in the very near future........
❸ Fall break in 30 hours!!!
❹ Brazilian Pudding flavoured Pocky= DELICIOUS!
❺ Nutcracker rehearsals start this weekend! [This will very soon become a bad thing, but for now, I'm excited. XD]


Sep. 16th, 2008 04:05 pm
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This is just ridiculous.

What in hell's name can she possibly be thinking? This is ludicrous.

I'm incensed.
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Um... so today was my last day home. So.... that warrants a random, rambling post. Why do I feel the need to do this all of a sudden? Maybe because my diary's packed x_____x;;;

Anyway. Started the day with mini-bagels with Scary Mary and shopping for random shit... Got laundry detergent, nail polish remover, CDs, erasers... and other random crap. I also got some nail decals from the dollar store because I was amused by them, starting today's epic nail polish attempt. Amusingly enough, as I walked into the dollar store, What Hurts the Most by Rascal Flats started to play on the radio... XD;; I then got my last Dunkin Donuts (the lady knew my order because I went there so much when I was working camp) with one of the coupons I got when I went there once or twice a week and went home to finish packing.

I then painted my nails, fed my sister, and set off to dance, but not before ruining two and a half of my nails while getting changed.

Had my last ballet class at the studio for however long... TT____TT;; in prep for my auditions monday. Of course, I was looking for a nice classical class and Amphuphiphifafi decided to do her strange semi-contemporary weird stuff. But that's okay. I said goodbye to her, as well as to a bunch of other people who I've danced with for a while, and headed home (late, seeing as she decided to run class 15 minutes late because she arrived 15 minutes late). Got to dinner with my dad late, but my sister decided she liked Indian food, so that was an achievement, at least (this makes sense if you know my sister...)

Got home, rush packed more stuff, packed the car. Got a bike lock for my bike. Finished my nails, and, if you'd care to see the finished product:
pretty pretty pretty )

Then watched Murder She Wrote until now.

So, to make this post actually worthwhile to anyone besides me (because no one really cares about all that, let's be honest), let me present:
Amigurumi Hazel! )

Also, I hear that [livejournal.com profile] wearenotaskitz met up with Aki. Hee.


Aug. 26th, 2008 02:08 am
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Changed my userpics... now I have 2 that I made... XD; Why do I so dislike icons I made myself? Anyway, for my default, I've chosen myself my favourite of the Princess Tutu icons I made... for some reason, I find this picture really aesthetically pleasing, and like, artistically interesting. As for my "love" icon, I chose KuboToki, because I was getting tired of my old one, and because I wanted one that was more generic, so I could use it for other stuff, too. Like Minekurafag gay stuff. (ttly going to use that until it catches on... XD;;) Is it sad, though, that I wanted to use one of the ones of [livejournal.com profile] sapling and [livejournal.com profile] greyfinch instead? Thought that might be a little weird, though, so I didn't... still, I might end up doing it, anyway. I really like the way a lot of those came out. XD;

Forgot to mention, as a parting gift, [livejournal.com profile] chiachiaamichan gave me a really cute amigurumi Hazel! He's got a little hat and everything. I may post pictures later, if I feel the need... but for now, just know that he's adorable.

Argh... So much shit to do, so little time. I hope if I just get my packing done, my parentals will get off my case and not make me do so much in the cleaning my room department... ahfishdakhkjasdhaskdhajkdaskdsakdhasdasjkd.

Soon, I'll be at college. I'm missing everyone... but it helps that [livejournal.com profile] 9kinds and [livejournal.com profile] storm_of_62 will be there with me. And my roommate, [livejournal.com profile] webeki, is like, the awesome-est roommate for which one could ask. I'm really very much looking forward to sharing a room with her, and, in general, am not stressed about much past the dance auditions on Monday. I guess I oughta get my ass to the studio tomorrow and take that class... if I can. @_____@;; So busy.

Um... I have no appropriate emo/nostalgic/worried/whatever song lyrics to post, so I'll leave you with a promise of fic and/or icons sometime in the near future. I also plan to get back on my potential 100, whenever I can... but I have some more extraneous tutu images to use, as well, and I hope to write some more Minekura fic, soon. I want Tokyopop to release Bus Gamer, already. XP

...now I'm just rambling. It's 2 am. Time for this kitten to get herself to bed.
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☀ Get glasses for [livejournal.com profile] redramification
☁ Get bunny slippers for [livejournal.com profile] omniomphalos
☂ Call everyone and make sure they have what they need before we go to goodwill
☀ Go to goodwill for SHOES
☁ Go with [livejournal.com profile] wearenotaskitz to get make-up/pantyhose--can we do this on the goodwill/craft day trip?
☂ Find out if I need to make anything for [livejournal.com profile] redkittychan. Do I? Do you have your own clipboard/etc?
☀ Try on Hakkai costume and possibly take pictures just coz.
☁ Try different hairstyles for under wig
☂ Get a haircut!!

Days until Otakon: ⑪
Days until V comes: ⑦

In other news, HSM2 gaiz! You should come see it, my choreography is fantastic. Maybe we can have craft day right after then...?
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Got my grades in the mail :D

Human Sexuality - Exam: 95 ☆ Final Grade: 95
Digital Photography - Exam: 98 ☆ Final Grade: 95
Latin - Exam: exempt ☆ Final Grade: 97
Physics - Exam: 95 ☆ Final Grade: 90
Creative Writing - Exam: 98 ☆ Final Grade: 99
Science Fiction - Exam: 100 ☆ Final Grade: 98
AP Lit - Exam: exempt ☆ Final Grade: 94
AP Calc - Exam: exempt ☆ Final Grade: 94
Senior Research - 97

Overall, I'm really happy. My report card didn't show the 113 that I had for the fourth quarter in Calc XD;; But how the hell did I get a 95 on the Physics final?! I was ELATED. Also, Clarke gave us 100 on our final? ARE YOU KIDDING? I was so happy.

In other news, workshop is KILLING me. My muscles from the waist down are so sore I can barely move! I have a little solo in the dance, though. It's nice being on top! ♡
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It's all over now, all over. Completely, the end. Never again will I dance Snow, Waltz of the Flowers. My one lead is the material for dust and moths and will be faded and wrinkled around the edges until entirely forgotten.

I lost it on stage. Started crying. It's hard to believe the defining event of my life for the past ten years is officially at its end.


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