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I updated my JE fic archive today! It was really out of date, oops.

I also caught up on 3-5 and then watched the 6th episode of Soshite Dare Mo Inakunatta! It's a pretty weird drama and the main character is really annoying, but I actually quite enjoy it. I have to admit that the plot twist at the end of episode 5 was really unexpected, and I didn't think it was going to go in that direction, but I'm excited that Inochan seems to be getting more screen time now! I'm looking forward to seeing where it's going, even if I'm pretty shocked about [spoiler] in the preview for the next episode.

I didn't really have anything planned for this weekend, but I still can't help but feel unproductive >_>; Oh well... there's always next weekend.


Feb. 21st, 2016 11:20 pm
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My JE Fic Archie and archive are up to date! It'd been a while since I got to them, but now they're good to go!

This weekend, I made chocolates for the ALTs, and once I distribute them, I'll be totally done with chocolates for the seasons! Woo. Photos will come later~


May. 21st, 2015 10:29 pm
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JE Fic Archive is up to date! I also changed the Bakaleya6 header to SixTONES ;____; Wow. Things I never thought would happen.

In other news, I always end up super busy the Thursday before seeing Inochan. @__@; But hopefully I can get done and de-stress and not go crazy.
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My JE fic archive and regular archive are up to date with my first fics of 2015! As of right now I've written 118 JE fics to date~ Woo.

I know this is random, but I really miss [livejournal.com profile] jentfic_remix. I really enjoy writing remixes and seeing what people do with my writing, and I miss the opportunity to have that sort of experience, different from the regular exchange setup. I've been thinking about if there's any way to do that sort of thing on a small scale, but I really can't think of one, sadly. Does anyone want to pair up with me and write exchanges of one another's works? |D;

Well, on the bright side, it's the weekend, and I can't wait to go home and watch the short Korosensations PV~
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I've just updated my JE fic archive and general archive, and I've discovered that… yes, my most recent fic was my 100th Johnny's and Associates fic~! Yay me! That might not seem like that much, but since I've been working hard to get back into the habit of writing more often and not losing out to writer's block, so I'm really happy that I've been able to come this far!

So… that makes up for the fact that this work week has been totally crazy (3 more days x__x) and the speech contest is on Thursday, and my eye is still acting up, and I have tons of stuff to do. Hopefully I can take some motivation from this and survive until the weekend. x__x;

Also, I'm loving this compilation of Matsuri fanservice shots. I told you Gengen and Jinchan got close XD Also that Genki looked super DNW when Jinchan touched him |D;;;

[this was supposed to be posted last night but LJ went down on me right as I was posting. fml.]

life sucks

Jul. 2nd, 2014 03:53 pm
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It's my second day home from school and I feel like crap… I didn't have a fever for most of yesterday, but I have one today (well, for me… my normal body temperature is around 36.3, but I've been around 37.6 all day) and I honestly feel like I got run over by a truck of something. My throat hurt like crazy yesterday and this morning but it feels a little better now… but my body feels achey and sore, and my head feels constantly in the state of having just woken up where nothing feels like it really makes sense and everything is hazy and in slow motion. I don't know what's wrong with me, but I really hope that I feel better before tomorrow. I have an ALT day that I need to run on Friday and I can't be sick that day… but I need to prepare for it tomorrow.

At any rate, I haven't really been able to do much (being upright is a bit rough) but I did manage to update my archives for the first time in a really long time. So, here's my general archive and JE archive, completely up to date~
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icon posts: 6
translations: 2
fics: 13
reports: 4

totaly fanworks in 2014: 25
total posts in 2014: 98 (out of 120 days so far this year)

So far I think I'm going pretty good this year! Even when I was super depressed and not doing much of anything, I tried to stay consistent and keep up with life. A really be help has been being active in shiritori over at [livejournal.com profile] writetomyheart, so I'm really, really glad I joined. Also everyone there is lovely ♥

My goal now is to do a few more translations. In four months, I've only done two, and they were in January and February. I'd like to be able to do maybe 8 translations this year (setting the goal low so as not to overwhelm myself), so I want to get off my butt and spend more time translating. The problem is that it's really time consuming and I don't like stopping once I start, so it eats up like 5 hours of my day when I do a whole article, but I want to make it work, because not only is translation good for the community, it's good for my Japanese skills too.

But… first I'm going to take a break. Off to Hiroshima tomorrow! I'll be in Hiroshima from the 26h to the 30th, then back for the 1st and 2nd of May, then off to Yokohama for the 3rd to the 6th to see Sexy Zone and otherwise explore Yokohama (and go to Chinatown!! Need me some Chinese food.) So I'll probably be on hiatus again for most of that time, since I'll be going crazy repacking between the 30th and the 3rd. XD; If I don't respond to comments or comment on anyone's entries, it's because I don't have much computer access, not because I'm ignoring you, I promise! That being said, I will be periodically checking my flist and my email on my phone, so I won't be entirely isolated from the world. ^^

Happy Golden Week, everyone~

[EDIT] Also, JE fic archive and general archive have been updated, and my fanwork dreamwidth is also up to date in terms of fics!


Feb. 15th, 2014 10:23 pm
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Firstly and foremost-ly, I updated my JE fic archive and general fic archive! I had gotten lazy and put it off for basically all the new year, but now it's completely up to date with everything from 2014!

Secondly, I don't know if I've ever really made this clear, but if for some reason, you want to read my fics but LJ isn't the best platform for you, they're all available at my fanworks dreamwidth, chromatic, and also at my AO3 account; my username is grayscale. Sorry I have different usernames all over the place, it's sort of a long story, but! My works are also there. I appreciate comments (and kudos) no matter where, and of course, just people reading my fics at all!

Thirdly, icons! I really enjoyed the AinoArika PV, because Inoo!! He's so beautiful ;~~~; So I made some icons of he and Hikaru to celebrate! I haven't seen the drama at all, but from the offshots in magazines, it really seems like they're enjoying being in a drama together, and it's so adorable. ♥

[38] Hey! Say! JUMP icons
[19] Yaotome Hikaru
[19] Inoo Kei

〜愛の在処を知ってる〜 )

And please remember:
♤ Please credit in your icon comments!
♧ While not necessary, I'd love it if you commented when you took or used an icon I made.
♡ No editing or altering for any reason! Textless icons are not bases.
♢ This must be common sense, but please don't claim you made them.

If you're unsure how to credit on LJ, please go to the "manage userpics" page and copy this format:

fic meme!

Jan. 3rd, 2014 03:27 pm
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First and foremost, I've finally updated my JE fic archive and regular fic archive! That's all my fics for 2013~

Next, I decided to do this fic meme again! I haven't done it in a long time, because for this first time since 2010, I'm actually proud of how much fic I wrote this year. I know 35 fics isn't that much, but it's better than I've been doing, so I want to pat myself on the back.

Fics for 2013! )

Whew! That was a lot of work. But I hope that all of my readers enjoyed my fics from 2013, and that you'll continue reading in 2014! I really appreciate all the hits and comments that I get, so thank you all for your support!


Oct. 17th, 2013 11:15 pm
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Just a drive-by post to say my archive and JE fic archive are up to date! I'm up to 28 fics for 2013, hurrah! I'm going to do my best straight to the end of the year~

Also, I'm going to try to give one last shout-out for [livejournal.com profile] jentfic_remix!! It's seriously a really great event, and it's a lot of fun, so if you're interested, check it out~
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First of all, my archive and JE archive are up to date!

Next, [livejournal.com profile] yomimashou and I did our usual count after going to the Johnny's shop not once but twice last weekend. |D;; There were no new photos for our main groups, but we went to get some photos of our secondary groups on the first day, and then on the second day we went back for photos of Snowman after falling in love at Dream Boys. And so... here are the odd results XD

grand tallies! )

And... that's probably all the excitement I'm going to get until ABC-za! Right now I'm obsessing over Reia and the end of Kamen Teacher... as to be expected. XD; I'm going to do my best to get my Dream Boys report done on Thursday, but if not, it will probably be Saturday. ^^; Ganbarimasu!
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My archive and JE fic archive are up to date! I usually leave this to the end of the month, but... since I know someone has a link to my archive for [livejournal.com profile] je_holiday, I want to keep it as up to date as possible. ^^;;

Also, the conversation has kind of died out, but... don't forget about the free for all post over at [livejournal.com profile] bakaleya_kumi! Share the Bakaleya6 love?

Also, I'm still sick >__<; I need to learn to go to bed earlier on weeknights, but... (> 3 >) Also I somehow have managed to injure my toe as well. I'm just not getting this semester off on a good foot x___x;

But at least we have a nice long weekend! Hopefully I can be productive~
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First and foremost, my archive and JE fic archive are up to date! I added the six fics I've written so far in August, sheesh! :D At least I didn't let my summer break go to waste!

Secondly, sorry it's so late, but there's a new poll over at [livejournal.com profile] bakaleya_kumi if you care to answer! You don't have to be a member of the comm or anything, though of course we'd love to have you if you have an interest in Jesse or Hokuto or Taiga or any of the Bakaleya guys. ^^

Thirdly... I saw Film Festa again on Saturday, and I do plan on writing a report! It just might take a little bit, so please bear with me? The school year just started and things are picking up for me again, but I'm going to try to keep up my activity here. Ganbarimasu! ^^
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First and foremost, my archive and JE fic archive are up to date! So... if you want, check it out? :D;

Secondly, [livejournal.com profile] yomimashou are really irresponsible and bought tickets for the Nagano Hey! Say! JUMP concerts! And better yet, we got ARENA SEATS!! The 3rd-floor stands were going for around ¥26,000 and the arena seats for ¥30,000 so... why not get arena seats? This is going to be my first show in the arena, so I'm really excited!

Third, I got the NYC photobook! )

Less than two weeks until I head back to America for two weeks... I hate the stress of traveling. @____@; Also packing. Someone pack for me. @______@;


May. 30th, 2013 12:32 pm
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After a long time of being lazy, my archive and JE fic archive are up to date! I've written 46 JE fics to date... 19 Arashi, 9 Hey! Say! JUMP, 1 Kis-My-Ft-2, 2 Sexy Zone, 4 Bakaleya6, 3 crossover Bakaleya6 and Sexy Zone, 2 B.I.Shadow, 1 Maou, and 5 Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou!

Unrelatedly, the covers for COAMH have been posted on the Johnny's website~ ♥ Yay Chinen~


Mar. 9th, 2013 11:37 pm
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I'm exhausted from a day of shopping (yay spring coat/spring clothes/spring socks/flats for sightseeing in Kansai!) but I just wanted to drive by and say I've updated my archive and JE fic archive! :D

Also, I've finally finished my remix for [livejournal.com profile] jentfic_remix~ Just waiting on a beta and then I'll be able to submit! I'm really excited for the reveals to start already!
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Once again, my archive and JE fic archive are updated!

Also, I just got my copy of My Resistance/Unmei Girl, and already, there's news of new KisuMai things on the horizon! KisuMai wants me to go broke, I swear. I'm really excited for their tour, though! More uchiwas to be made~

Meanwhile, though... why hasn't Hey! Say! JUMP put out any singles in the past YEAR?? First a member kicked out, then all their activities slow down, then a member has a solo debut... sounding more and more like NEWS to anyone else? >___> Okay, yes, I know that's overdramatic and it's not really the same, but... I'm beginning to worry for them.
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My general archive and JE fic archive are up to date!

Also, another reminder that [livejournal.com profile] jentfic_remix has signups open for a few more days! There aren't very many people signed up still, so if you're interested, please take a look here! It's a really great challenge, so it's definitely worth a moment to at least check it out!

Also, I just wanted to use this icon. |D;
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Dropping by to say that both my JE fic archive and my general archive are updated!

Other than that, my life is fairly boring. It got freezing here in Kiryu, and as of right now, I'm dying a shivery death here at my desk in the teacher's room... which has heating. Venturing into the rest of the school is much more horrifying, and I'm dreading next period, when I have to go teach. @____@;

But! I really have been wanting a place to celebrate the fact that, for three consecutive weeks, Kouchi Yugo, my most beloved favourite member of B.I.Shadow/Bakaleya-kumi who is underloved and shunted to the back 90% of the time by the management, has been featured in School Kakumei livestages for the past three consecutive weeks! For a little background, Yugo is randomly the only junior on School Kakumei with Hikaru, Chinen, and Yamada from Hey! Say! JUMP, and usually, during the livestages, he's completely absent or else backdancing for the Hey! Say! JUMP members, dressed like the other juniors and not special at all despite the fact that he's a member of the show's regular cast. However, three episodes ago, he randomly was, for the first time, in line with the Hey! Say! JUMP members for the final segment of the the livestage, when they sang Super Delicate. He was wearing an outfit different than the Hey! Say! JUMP members (who wear what they and Yugo wear for the episode) but also different from the other juniors: the other juniors wore blue shirts and black ties while Yugo wore a white shirt and a black tie with a row of white sequins down the middle. While the camera didn't really pan to him and he was mostly visible when in the shot with Hey! Say! JUMP members, I was relatively excited about this. It carried over to the next episode, but then in this past week's episode, it moved up a notch: Yugo was dressed in his regular costume from the show and the camera pointedly panned to him equally, like he was a full member. He still only performed Super Delicate, but it was definitely a huge step up. I'm thrilled, and I really hope things keep going well for him in the future. He's been treated so poorly by the management recently... He deserves this and so much more.
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It's been bothering me that I don't really have a good way in my current system to make a cohesive JE fic archive, since my fics for JE are now spreading out in different directions and aren't all just plain Arashi XD; So I figured I'd make a mini archive here, for all my JE fics, so that people just looking for JE can see them all here rather than search!

Fics are sorted by fandom within JE and then by date! They're also labeled with pairings and rating, and have a summary. This isn't everything that's in the header for these fics, so please make sure you read the warnings and spoilers and everything!

JE fic archive )


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