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I was really shocked this morning to turn on ZIP and see the news that SMAP is disbanding. While they had had markedly fewer activities recently, in the modern age of Johnny's, I never would have expected this. While I was never a fan, SMAP were always the daisenpai to the boys I followed, and I respected the fact that they heralded in the current era of Johnny's with their variety appearances, acting work, and fanservice.

I was even more shocked to see that Kimura Takuya is the only one who will remain with the agency. I wouldn't have thought that the other four would want out, not at this point in their careers. For all intents and purposes, they seemed content and successful, and were all continuing to get acting, variety, and other jobs. I definitely don't follow them, but I feel like I still felt like I couldn't turn on my TV without seeing them, so I'm surprised by their apparent desire for a change in management.

According to the sports papers, Iijima resigned, as well. I don't know if the four who left left to stay under her management, or if she left because they wanted to, or what. I'm not even sure if she actually left, or if it's just rumour. But at any rate, I can only hope that it's true. Hopefully groups like Sexy Zone will benefit from this.

It's hard to imagine Johnny's without SMAP, but I suppose we'll all just have to wait and see what unfolds.
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So… a lot of shitty things have happened in the past 24 hours, but I want to focus on the good things right now… so… I present you with the newest addition to my life…

Inobear! )

He goes along with [ profile] yomimashou's Yabear and [ profile] britkit27's Keibear, so maybe I'll post photos of all three sometime soon ♥ The costumes are ordered online, and the bears are from the Disney Store exclusive UniBEARsity line~ Instead of Duffy, since our three favourites happen to be the three university boys of JUMP, I thought it would be cute if we got the unibears. XD;

All in all, I'm really happy with him ♥ I've wanted a bear since I first saw girls with them at JUMP's 2012 tour! I'm hoping to bring him to countdown~
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Well, it's official. Sexy Zone's new single will be another 3 member single. As always, I've translated the fanclub email that came today's contents:

◆Sexy Zone Fan Club Member limited information mail◇『Mail Message Board』10/14 edition


Sexy Zone New Single「Kimi ni HITOMEBORE」11/19 (Wed) on sale!


Sexy Zone's new single「君にHITOMEBORE」marks the first time the group has released a new single two months in a row!
This single will be the theme song for Nakajima Kento's starring TV Asahi Friday night drama, 「Kurofuku Monogatari」which starts on 10/24 (Fri).

The song, which was written for the drama, is a casual love song which sings straightforwardly about the exciting feeling of love at first sight amidst a sparkling encounter.
While continuing the group's signature, same as ever sparkling presence, they've created a song in which the audience can enjoy a sensuality that Sexy Zone has never shown until now.

On the Limited First Press Edition, the music clip for「Kimi ni HITOMEBORE」, as well as the making video, and special footage from Sexy Zone's trip to America during the summer.
Definitely check Sexy Zone's charming new face during the drama broadcast!

■Limited First Press Edition A (CD+DVD)・・・1,296 yen, plus tax
01. Kimi ni HITOMEBORE
02. Trophy
03. Lady Spicy

「Kimi ni HITOMEBORE」Music Clip

★ Included special goods: Nakajima Kento Changing Jacket (1 out of 3 types)

■Limited First Press Edition B(CD+DVD)・・・1,296 yen, plus tax
01. Kimi ni HITOMEBORE
02. Trophy
03. Snow & Stars

Making of 「Kimi ni HITOMEBORE」Music Clip & Jacket Shooting

★ 12 page photo pamphlet
★ Included special goods: Sato Shori Changing Jacket (1 out of 3 types)

■Limited First Press Edition C(CD+DVD)・・・1,296 yen, plus tax
Same Contents as the Limited First Press Edition A

Special Movie in Grand Canyon/USA

★ Included special goods: Kikuchi Fuma Changing Jacket (1 out of 3 types)

■Limited First Press Edition D(CD+DVD)・・・1,296 yen, plus tax
Same Contents as the Limited First Press Edition B

Special Movie in Los Angeles/USA

★ Included special goods: Changing Jacket (1 out of three group types)

■Regular Edition (CD)・・・1,065 yen, plus tax
01. Kimi ni HITOMEBORE
02. Trophy
03. Lady Spicy
04. Snow & Stars
05. Kimi ni HITOMEBORE Inst.
06. Trophy Inst.
07. Lady Spicy Inst.
08. Snow & Stars Inst.

★ First press goods: Picture Label

☆ For more details on the CD, please check the Pony Canyon Official Sexy Zone site.

And then, what the Pony Canyon Official Sexy Zone site says about the single:

8th SINGLE「Kimi ni HITOMEBORE」(2014.11.19 on sale)
Nakajima Kento Starring role!
TV Asahi's Friday Night Drama「Kurofuku Monogatari」's theme song's sale date has been decided!
Sexy Zone's first time releasing two singles in two months will be the theme song for TV Asahi's Friday Night Drama「Kurofuku Monogatari」!
On the Limited First Press Edition, the music clip for「Kimi ni HITOMEBORE」, as well as the making video, and special footage from Sexy Zone's trip to America during the summer. The song is performed by the main members this time(Sato Shori/Nakajima Kento/Kikuchi Fuma).

This is just the facts. You're welcome to discuss in the comments, but I can't promise I'll comment back in a timely manner, or that I'll have anything particularly deep to say. This whole thing since July has been taking a huge toll on my physical and mental health, and at this point, I'm just sitting back and reminding myself that no amount of crying or anxiety is going to change anything. I wanted to share this information as soon as possible, but this time with no hysterics from me. Only time will tell what will happen.

That being said, I'd be grateful, even if you're a Kento, Shori, or Fuma fan… even if you're a JUMP, Arashi, KisuMai, Ebi, Juniors, Johnny's West, Tackey & Tsubasa, NEWS, Kanjani8, KAT-TUN, V6, TOKIO, SMAP, Kinki, or some other fan… if you could keep Marius and Sou in your thoughts for the time being.


Oct. 13th, 2014 10:47 pm
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Sheesh, everything went crazy while I was away for the weekend.

About the Sexy Zone news, [ profile] snow kindly already translated the Oricon article, and since we have no news from the agency, I'm not going to comment on it as of right now. As soon as the agency releases information on it, I'll translate it and post it here.

Setting the bad aside, this weekend was amazing. JUMP was really amazing, and seeing them twice in one day was amazing, too. That group has really come so far in such a short time… things were so bad this time two years ago, and yet now, they're all so even, and all get so much stage time, and they just all seem so happy together, and to genuinely love and respect one another. I'm going to write a full report for both shows, but for now… they were really amazing, all nine of them, and the show really showed how much they've grown in the past two years.

Also, I'll talk more about the guys who came to watch later, but one exciting thing that happened that wasn't really relevant to the show is that I walked behind Nagata Jiei and 3 other random juniors that I didn't recognize from about halfway between the venue and the station until we got to the station. XD The guys just sort of sauntered up from the direction of the venue; there's an above-ground walkway and then the ground level regular sidwalks. Mostly, fans use the above-ground walkway, so the boys met up with us in the crowd right as we walked off the walkway. I couldn't tell who they were from behind right away, but eventually, I caught a glance of Nagata's face and I knew it was them. I don't really know who they are, but it was still exciting. XD;

I'll get to more later, but right now, I have to be at work bright and early tomorrow, typhoon or no, so good night!
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Some variation on this news has been both on morning shows like Zip and on various news sites, so I figured I may as well translate it and share it here. This is the one from the Oricon site, but most of them on the news sites are similar, anyway.

【オリコン】Sexy Zone, “new structure” song is number 1, their seventh straight number 1 single since debut
Johnny's group Sexy Zone's 7th single,"otoko never give up,"(which came out on October 1st)has sold 125,000 copies in the first week, and appears as number 1 for the 10/13 weekly single ranking. Starting with their debut single, "Sexy Zone," this 7th single continues their record of all of their singles being chart-toppers.

Sexy Zone, which has been 5 members up until now, will have a fresh start from this single on as a group who, with Nakajima Kento (20), Kikuchi Fuma (19), and Sato Shori (17) as the central members, will do activities with members sometimes added in fluid manner. On the first single of this new structure, besides the title song, there are members solos, and so on.

Source: Oricon News

At this point, I don't really know what to say. Maybe it's just more hype, or maybe it's true. Either way, I think it's pretty safe to say (as I pretty much knew all along), Johnny's management are liars and they're tugging us around about Sexy Zone. On the phone, their statement was that there would never be another single after this with only 3, and this news seems to be implying that most singles from now on will be 3. One of the two statements is a lie. They are mutually exclusive.

Please keep your comments on this post civil, and if your opinion is "good riddance, Marius and Sou suck!" please keep that to yourself. I have been emotionally and mentally torn up over the past week because of this single, and though I want to help out by translating and sharing news, I cannot deal with antagonism right now. Also, I apologize if my response is slow; I'm having trouble with my home internet, among other things, and I may not be able to get back to comments immediately.

[Edit] By the way, the 125,000 quoted in the article seems to be their sales up until today. I don't know what this is about 10/13, because their weekly ranking will be today (10/6 in Oricon time), and their first weekly ranking hasn't even happened yet.

Either way, 125,000 is a lower total first week sales number than Real Sexy, Baibai Dubai, or King & Queen & Joker, making otoko never give up the worst selling single in all of 2014 and 2013 so far.
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So, I'm back from Tokyo and feeling like I got run over by a truck thanks to the horror that is EX Theatre hangover (that place is seriously brutal on the body x__x) and to the typhoon (I swear that [ profile] 9kinds isn't just an ame onna, but a typhoon onna, sheesh) that completely drenched us for all of Sunday. I'm sure basically everyone on my flist ha already read about the results, but I figured I'd post about them here, anyway, because… I want to :E So there!

The results are all up on the official Gamushara twitter, but I'm not going to translate each tweet because I just don't feel like it. Basically what happened is this:

✖ On Saturday (8/9), Sha won the first show, Ga won the second show (but only by the junior vote; Sha had higher decibels), and Sha won the third show (overwhelmingly; beautifully; I almost passed out and I think Reia was in about the same state) putting Sha at 8 wins to 7 losses and tying them for first with Ra.

✖ As an aside, as I'm sure you heard, Kento, Fuma, and Shori came to see the show on the evening of 8/9 (the show I was at), and came up on stage at the end. Shori exclaimed, "Finally, all of Sexy Zone is together again!" and the audience exploded with cheers. During the encore of Yuuki 100%, Sou tried to move out of the way so that Shori could stand in the center, and the other members pushed him back, having him stay in the center of the group. These guys are amazing and I know now that they're going to pull through this.

✖ On Sunday (8/10), Both the decibels and the juniors tied for Ga and Mu. Apparently, in the event of a tie, the higher decibel side wins, but the decibels were tied too, so they resorted to janken. Team Ga won the janken, so they won the first show.

✖ Team Mu won the following show by one decibel, and team Ga won the final show by one decibel, placing Team Ga at 8 wins to 7 losses and Team My at a horrifying 6 wins to 9 losses.

✖ Since three teams were tied for first, they added up the total decibels and ranked by who had the highest decibel score. Ra had the most, followed by Sha, followed by Ra.

✖ By which, the final results were as follows:
No. 1 - Team Ra (Matsumura, Kyomoto, Tanaka, Morimoto, Morohoshi)
No. 2 - Team Sha (Jinguji, Nakamura, Matsukura, Tajima, Inoue)
No. 3 - Team Ga (Jesse, Iwamoto, Fukasawa, Masuda, Hanzawa)
No. 4 - Team Mu (Iwahashi, Matsuda, Takahashi F, Takahashi K, Hayashi)

I… honestly loved the Matsuri as a concert; it was amazingly well-put together, had a great flow, showcased Marius and Sou beautifully, and gave a lot of juniors a chance to shine, but in the end, I really, really hated the performance aspect of the show. Not only did the voting not at all reflect the guys' actual talent, skill, or the effort they put into the show, frankly, I don't even think it was a good popularity contest. People who were closer to the mic were obviously going to get picked up better in the decibel ranking, so if it just so happened that one team had more fans closer, then that team would likely get higher decibels. It just isn't fair to the guys to put them in that sort of situation, where they feel their own worth is tied to this abstract number, and hearing how the members of Team Mu were so upset that they cried through the second half of the show, unable to pull themselves together, just breaks my heart. I sincerely hope that with their friends there to comfort them they can put this behind them without too many insecurities and hurts, and that they know that their effort and hard work on this contest can in no way be represented in an abstract number. Every one of them worked so hard, and they deserve to be rewarded for that, not punished.

But if nothing else, this served as a healthy reminder to me that Johnny's, as an agency, is inherently cruel and unfeeling towards their talents, something good to keep in mind as a fan if you don't want to get hurt.

On a lighter note, the Funcussion staff has been tweeting about Gamushara this whole time in the most adorable way, and this tweet following the final show was particularly sweet:

(TV Asahi Gamushara!) This is the manager. The show ended today with Team Sha in second place, and having won the decibel vote for 14 out of 15 shows (!), an amazing result! Congratulations to all the fans by whom Team Sha was supported. We at Funcussion, who supported the boys for this show, want to express our gratitude to you from the bottom of our hearts!

Despite the fact that I didn't like the way they handled Matsukura's breakdown during practice, they've been incredibly and adorably supportive to Team Sha this whole time, and before Team Sha's last show, the show I attended on 8/9, they brought a personalized cake for each member of Team Sha (you can see the cakes here)! How cute is that? ♥

I'm going to do a full report for each show (and yes, the Sexy Zone shows in Saitama; I really am planning on it, I'm just really busy right now) but I need to get past this week first, so please bear with me. Just to give you an idea of my schedule (listing the times as times away from my computer, so transit lumped in):

8/11 - Orientation Committee meeting in the prefectural capital, 11:15 am to 6 pm
8/12 - Free (normal work day(
8/13 - Orientation Committee meeting in the prefectural capital, 11:15 am to 6 pm
8/14 - Orientation Day 1, 7 am to 8:30 pm
8/15 - Orientation Day 2, 7 am to 6:30 pm
8/16 - Weekend
8/17 - Weekend
8/18 - City-wide Elementary English Planning Meeting, 10:30 am to 4 pm
8/19 - City-wide Junior High English Planning Meeting, 10: 30 am to 4 pm

Then I have three more days of summer break before second term starts up on 8/25. So just, please bear with me! I'm having a really busy week or so, and I'll be working on the reports, but unfortunately, work comes first!

Anyway, I'm sorry this turned really long and emotional >__>; All in all, I enjoyed the Matsuri but I'm glad it's done. The boys don't need that sort of stress and hurt.
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Back from Saitama Super Arena! Man, going to two concerts in one day is exhausting… and I feel lame for not seeing the third, too! I'm going to write a full report about both shows as soon as possible, but for now, I wanted to touch on just a few things I'd promise to report back on.

First and foremost, the penlights. It seemed that fans were going more with this (also found here) campaign than any other I've seen, so turning their penlights on to green or yellow before the show began, then switching to whatever they wanted after the first song, and then again for the encore. I'm bad at estimating, but when I first noticed the penlights before the first show began, I was amazed and moved almost to tears. It definitely was not everyone by a far cry, but I'd say there were at least 1,000 out of the 25,000 people there who turned their penlights to yellow or green. There were maybe slightly more in the first show than in the second show, but not by a whole lot.

Secondly, the balance. I think due to the Kobe shows being 3-member, there wasn't a lot done to change that for these shows. Marius and Sou were often onstage but not a part of the choreography, walking around the catwalk or standing off to the side of where Fuma, Kento, and Shori were dancing. The show was definitely worse than a usual concert in terms of time that only Fuma, Kento, and Shori were onstage, again probably because of the Kobe shows (plus the new single), but basically, my assessment is that while it could have been better I'd say Marius and Sou were truly treated as members of Sexy Zone (doing the same thing as Fuma and Kento; either included in the choreography or running around the catwalk the same as them) maybe 1/3 of the time, were onstage but not treated as equals 1/3 of the time, and were flat-out offstage 1/3 of the time. That's sort of rounding out that Marius and Sou were included in Kono Te wo Tsunagou, Don't Stop Sexy Boyz, and Gamushara, but… it's not like those songs were Sou or Marius solos, or even duets, since it was mostly juniors. On the other hand, Kento, Shori, and Fuma each had two solo sections probably amounting to about 5 minutes per person, so… there's really no fairness there. Kento did 4 solo songs including his new one, while Shori and Fuma each did 3. Marius and Sou had no solos, but were included together with juniors in three songs, but not really featured above the juniors in any way (basically at the same level as the juniors). It could have been worse, and I understand that the Kobe preparations were seriously playing into it, too, but it could definitely have been better.

Thirdly, news. Fuma said in the second show that they would try to "create a chance to meet again" this summer, as some sort of release event or something. However, only he, Kento, and Shori were standing on the stage when he said it, and he said something about "in this form." I'll be the first to admit that I am no native Japanese speaker, and there are often phrases that the context is obvious to a Japanese person while it sounds vague to me, but the immediate implication I took from it was "as the 3 of us" rather than 5. I'm worry that they'll have more single-related events as 3, and that we haven't see the end of this despite what Johnny's is saying on the phone.

But right now I'm really exhausted-- I've been up 18 hours and I need to go to sleep before I pass out. I'll probably be able to share the news a little more lucidly once I've gotten a decent night's rest, so for now, over and out. I don't want to sound like a pessimist-- the concert was definitely worse in terms of balance than every previous Sexy Zone concert I've been to (Summary 2012, New Years 2013, Spring 2013, Sexy Second 2014), but it definitely could have been a lot worse. I got to see all five members sing, dance, and perform, and that's the most important thing in the end.

And it does help that our seats were amazing (arena right next to the catwalk and front row lower stands) and Reia mouthed "thank you" at me when he saw me ♥ I also got waves from Matsuda Genta, Matsukura Kaito, Tamamoto Fumito, and Anderson Casey, and something that looked like a side-eye from Jinguji XD; So that brightened my mood a bit~
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Going to bed in an hour because I have to be up at 4 to be out of here by 6 to get to Saitama Super Arena by 8 to see Sexy Zone from the arena at 10 @___@ I'm full of anxiety about everything; how the concert will go, how the penlight stuff will go, how I'll handle it all on so little sleep… but right now there's not much to do besides try to get some rest and trust everything will be okay.

For now, to think positive:
♡ All five members will be there
♡ High likelihood that Reia will be there
♡ Hopefully really good seats! Arena and first row stands!
♡ Since the seats are good, hopefully I can be seen by Reia, etc.
♡ Since I can be seen, hopefully I can show Marius and Sou they are loved

And more, I'm sure. If nothing else, Johnny's has promised us all five members, and that's what matters the most right now.

Wish me luck @___@ I'll report back about anything important tomorrow and write a full report after that.
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In an update from yesterday, here's a quick translation of the fanclub mail that I got today. As always, this is from a mail, so I have no way to prove that I actually got this,

◆ Sexy Zone Family Club member-limited info mail ◇『mail bulletin』July 16th edition

 Sexy Zone 7th Single「otoko never give up」9/17 (Wed) On Sale!!      


It's been decided that Sexy Zone's first single in four months,
「otoko never give up」will go on sale starting September 17th (Wed)!
This work sings a cheering message of "Cheer up!" "Don't give up!"
towards a member of the opposite sex who's a little depressed.
While being the sparkling support song you'd expect of Sexy Zone,
it's also a song directed at Sexy Zone themselves, cheering them up with a message of "let's face forward and progress onward!"

With a characteristically easy to remember chorus, the upbeat and lively melody
will brighten the listener's mood! Please wait for previews with raised expectations!

The limited editions will be S・K・F versions, and will each have Sato Shori, Nakajima Kento, and Kikuchi Fuma's solo songs on them, respectively.
「Keep The Challenge」will serve as the image song
for Fuji TV's 『Women's Volleyball World Grand Prix』
for which Sexy Zone are the official supporters.

There are limited special videos, as well, so make sure to check out Sexy Zone's new single!

■Limited Edition S (CD+DVD)・・・1,296 yen plus tax
☆ Special Present: Sato Shori interchangeable jacket (Includes 1 out of 3 varieties)

01. otoko never give up
02. Keep The Challenge
03. Title TBA (Sato Shori Solo)

「otoko never give up」Music Clip

■Limited Edition K (CD+DVD)・・・1,296 yen plus tax
☆ Special Present: Nakajima Kento interchangeable jacket (Includes 1 out of 3 varieties)

01. otoko never give up
02. Keep The Challenge
03. Title TBA (Nakajima Kento Solo)

「Keep The Challenge」Image Clip in USA

■ Limited Edition F (CD+DVD)・・・1,296 yen plus tax
☆ Special Present: Kikuchi Fuma interchangeable jacket (Includes 1 out of 3 varieties)
☆ Special Deluxe 12 page photo booklet

01. otoko never give up
02. Keep The Challenge
03. Title TBA (Kikuchi Fuma Solo)

Making of 「otoko never give up」Music Clip & Jacket Shooting 

■Regular Edition (CD)・・・1,065 yen plus tax
☆ First press only:
* Picture Label
* Original trading card (Includes 1 out of 3 varieties) 

01. otoko never give up
02. Keep The Challenge
03. Ashita ni Mukatte Ute!
04. Boku wa Kimi no Subete ni Naritai
05. otoko never give up Inst.
06. Keep The Challenge Inst.
07. Ashita ni Mukatte Ute! Inst.
08. Boku wa Kimi no Subete ni Naritai Inst.

□Venue Limited Version (CD)・・・926 yen plus tax
☆ Original Sticker Sheet included

01. otoko never give up
02. Keep The Challenge
03. Ashita ni Mukatte Ute!
04. Boku wa Kimi no Subete ni Naritai
※ The Venue Limited Version will only be sold at the locations for「Sexy Zone Summer Concert 2014」
 Please note in advance that it won't be sold in stores.

※The jacket photos will have a unique design for each version.

☆ For more details on the CD, please check the Pony Canyon Official Sexy Zone homepage.


Some things to consider:
1) They never once mention the exclusion of two members. I don't really understand the point of this, since everyone must have heard it on the news by now…?
2) Of course they included solo songs >__< Since being a hardcore fan of one member is quite common in Japanese fandom, I'm afraid that this will make the single too hard to pass up to a lot of fans, even if they're unhappy with the situation.
3) I guess Fuma's versions don't sell anymore, since they're including another extra in his. I have a lot of feelings about this, but… I don't know if this is the place for them.
4) I haven't officially seen anywhere in Japanese that it's supposed to be read "otoko" so take this with a grain of salt. Other possibilities for the character before "never give up" include "dan," "oto," and "o." I'll report back if I see anything.

So, Sexy Girls, are you buying this CD or not? I'm curious to know what foreign fandom's reaction to this will be. Remember that CDs bought through CD Japan and Yesasia being shipped out of Japan don't get counted into the Oricon rankings, but they do, in the end, affect the company's revenue, etc etc etc.
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From News @ Asahi TV.

Today, July 15th, Sexy Zone's Sato Shori (17), Nakajima Kento (20), and Kikuchi Fuma(19) held a presentation event for their new single in Tokyo's Yoyogi National Gymnasium. In front of 10,000 fans, they performed their new song for the first time, and announced that that same song would not include Matsushima Sou (16) and Marius Yo (14) but would instead be comprised just of Sato, Nakajima, and Kikuchi. The fan's shocked voices, crying out "Ehhhh???" rose up in the venue. Nakajima commented, "We want to move forward showing the fans many forms," while Kikuchi asked the fans to understand, saying, "If we work hard just the three of us, and each become stronger before returning to 5、I think the possibilities for our group will instantly increase." From here on, centered on the three with Sato, there's the chance that they'll become a fluid group with members being switched in and out, and Nakajima expanded what might be expected, saying, "It's possible that next year, we'll put out solos and stuff, too." In May, two derivative groups incorporating Marius and Matsushima respectively were born, and all five will appear in the summer concert starting on July 23rd.

I'm going to refrain from making a comment right now, because I don't want to let my emotions get the best of me, but as you might guess, I'm pretty much livid. All I'm going to say is, we'll have to wait and see how things pan out.

And just as I thought things were looking up, too.

[EDIT] [ profile] snow has kindly translated a tabloid article about this event here. Please read the translator's notes on the actual translation and keep in mind, though, that these tabloids basically make up facts to sell copies. I think the jury's still out on whether this will continue in the future, but I figured for completeness, I'd add this more "sensationalized" view. Please, though, remember that this article is a tabloid, and not a reliable news source.
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So, I need to get to bed, but I just needed to drive by and say this:

Crea was absolutely awful.

I've never had a worse concert/event experience in my whole time in Johnny's fandom. The show was billed as "Sexy Age/Sexy Jr." and list as Hirano Sho, Nagase Ren, Nakamura Reia, and Takahashi Kaito. You know, so there was no confusion as to who was headline the show. In Sexy Zone's Yokohama concerts, they also said specifically that Hirano and Nagase were Sexy Age and Reia and Takahashi Kaito were Sexy Jr. But yet, throughout most of the show, the numbers were three people.

Yes, that's right. Hirano. Nagase. Takahashi.

Each of those three had solo lines in each song. Reia? None. Each of those three had three solo numbers a piece. Reia? None. Matsukura Kaito, Matsuda Genta, Inoue Mizuki, and Kawasaki Koki, for heaven's sake, had more solos than Reia. And to make matters worse, he just looked so… lonely and sad and tired the whole time. Thankfully, he has a large, supportive fanbase, and saw a bunch of girls in the front few rows who made him smile, but for the whole time he just... seemed so lost.

And in the MC, too, Nagase and Hirano just… were absolutely the worst to him (and to some extent Takahashi Kaito, too). Whenever Reia tried to get a word in, they interrupted him or just plain talked over him, and for most of the MC, they had their backs turned to him, completely ignoring him and keeping him on the outside of the conversation. A couple times he managed to speak, and even then, he was graciously talking about them, not trying to make the conversation about himself but actually asking them about their lives, and they always answered in a way that became an insular conversation with Reia on the outside. Finally, he gave up and stopped holding his mic up and sort of just looked into the audience or around the room seeming sad and lost. And like. I get that Nagase and Hirano are dumb teenagers, and it probably wasn't intentional. But seriously, it didn't take a rocket scientist to notice how rude they were being to Reia.

In a truly sad display of how thoroughly emotionally involved in fandom I am, I cried three separate times during the show over how poorly Reia was treated, and had to fight the tears back really hard after the show. After my long and someone unpleasant adolescent pre-professional ballet career, I know how it feels like to be in that position, and more than being upset for myself not getting to see more of him, it really hurts to know how unhappy he was feeling.

At the very end, when idols typically give a short speech about how they're thankful for the fans and worked hard on the show and "please support us in the future" etc, only Nagase, Hirano, and Takahashi came out on stage. Only Nagase, Hirano, and Takahashi gave speeches. Only Nagase, Hirano, and Takahashi sang the following song together. It was really and truly astounding how purposefully and thoroughly Reia was completely excluded from almost every aspect of the show.

I probably won't write a full report because frankly, it's too unpleasant for me to think about, but I'll definitely write a more thorough and complete compilation of my thoughts and observations. In a consolation prize, Jinguji did come see Reia tonight, so here's to hoping he's cheering him up.

Otherwise, this weekend was really great! I saw Ebiza with Amanda of [ profile] je_goods and [ profile] britkit27, met [ profile] nekobot01 in person for the first time, went to the Johnny's shop and bought tons of photos of Reia, and hung out with [ profile] yararanger! So that was all really nice. But, man, Crea really dampened my weekend and my mood and my creativity. Here's to hoping I'm feeling a little better tomorrow.
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So, last night at 4:30 am, someone decided that it would be a great idea to burn something in the microwave. Not just burn it, however, burn it bad enough not only to set off the fire alarm, but to create enough smoke the Public Safety could not let residents back into the building until all the smoke had cleared.

Which was not until 6 am.

When it was getting light out.

Because of this, I did not wake for my first class this morning. Nor did I wake for my second class today. In fact, I slept until 1:15 when a friend called asking if we were still meeting for lunch. And I hate missing class. I never miss class. Even when I'm sick, I go to class.

...basically, I'm tired, feel extremely negative, and just want to go die in a ditch.

But I have rehearsal from 5:30 to 10 tonight.

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Today was really one of those days. -___- I know it's Ruito's birthday AND the day after my RPS anniversary (that is, one year ago from yesterday I wrote my first RPS fic XD) but I really didn't have the time and don't have the energy to write something for it. It's kind of a shame, and I had meant to try to get something out, but... oh well.

Seriously, though, while no one thing was screamingly wrong, today kind of sucked. I was tired and sleepy all, day, had my stupid coffee withdrawal symptoms, probably didn't do as well as I should have on the Japanese test, had issues with printmaking, had a deadline sprung on me, had Linda change her mind on me about whether or not we were having rehearsal tonight, missed the bus and had to walk back from Haverford, stayed in the studio until 11 pm to finish a print that ended up mediocre, and now my throat hurts. I'm hoping it's from the chemicals at the studio and not sickness, because Anime Boston is this weekend, and I really can't take driving 6 hours at 6 am feeling like shit.


On the bright side, I've been rereading Berceuse de Minuit because I'm cool that way. Man do I miss the characters... it's like your kids growing up and leaving home or something. XD; I want to write more with them... *ponders* Or at least draw them. Man did I draw like shit back in the day. XD;

Ugh, bedtime now.
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Why did I choose not to sleep last night? @___@ I'm so tired.

In happy news, I am officially a Dance Major as of today! Now I have to fill out the Double Major forms... fun tiems. :P And the Haverford Registrar's office has still yet to process my Art Major forms... why does Haverford suck so much?

Greek Sculpture scares the shit out of me. I really hope I didn't fail my paper... and I'm terrified I'm going to fail the midterm. @___@ I'm going to study my ass off this weekend, but I'm still afraid. What does one do if one fails one's midterm?


Also, I want a second chance as a parent.
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I don't think he's going to make it.
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Is your cat plotting to kill you?

In other news, I think I killed my baby boy. I'm a terrible parent.
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I feel mushy right now. I just read a lot of well-written fanfiction, which probably has something to do with it, but like... I dunno. Like emo-scene-in-a-chick-flick mushy. There's an unbelievable view from my window right now; it was raining hard and abruptly stopped, the sun is really bright mid sky to the west, and behind the silhouette of the Great Hall and the clock tower, the sky is brilliant blue. The campus is still overshadowed with rain clouds; on the cherry trees right outside my window, hints of pink are blossoming at the tips of the branches. When I sit on the window seat, I feel like I am in one of those emo scenes, only I have nothing, really, to be emo about. It's sad when I envy anime characters for particular elements of their lives. In the words of our own dear Atobe-sama, "suteki na romansu shitai..."

You know, I have a lot of favourite characters in Prince of Tennis, but, I've realized, Gakuto really is my very favourite. There's just something about him that I love deeply from the bottom of my heart; I empathize with him, on some level. There's something about his brashness, his hot-temperedness... I don't know. I love Atobe because he's fabulous, I love Ryoma because he's a snotty little brat, I love Eiji because he's sweet and insecure, I love Mizuki because he's a conniving bitch... But honestly, there's just something about sweet, stupid little Gakuto that I love the most.

I mean... I haven't been in fandom long enough to know if I fit in with others' ideas a lot (and Gakuto isn't so popular, so far as I can tell, to begin with), but my headcanon for Gakuto has shaped up rather distinctly as of recently, and my personal Gakuto needs to be needed. Like Hazel, I guess, if you want to draw the comparison to my Saiyuki love (and now that I think about it, it's a little disturbing, really), there's just something about the pathetic ones that I like. But, then again, that's just my personal headcanon. I kind of like the fact that, with Prince of Tennis, you have a lot of room for headcanon, really. I mean, I love Minekura to bits, and she's so talented and amazing and in Saiyuki, there is and there isn't and it's up to the reader to discern and she drops so many subtle hints and the characters are who they are, and I love analyzing Minekura's manga like the lit nerd I am. But there's something appealing about Konomi's boys, in that, there's just so many of them, not all of them can be delved into in canon. With characters like Gakuto (or most rivals, honestly) you have a lot of room for interpretation. Konomi gives you the character bios and that's it, you're on your own. And though I love lit, I love being creative, I think, even more.

My headcanon for Gakuto, for those who care to look )

Outside of my fandom-related ramblings... this weekend, I'm heading back to good old DE for a weekend of DDC stress! Scary volunteered me to work backstage without asking first, and so I'll be doing the spawn-of-Scary-Mary act this weekend (I think I need a nickname, too, but nothing rhymes or alliterates nicely...) I want the chance to write... I just want to write a lot this weekend. I have to work on various school-related things, but I'd like to pound out at least one more bit of OTJN as well as a one-shot, at least... I don't know if it'll happen, but. And being around the studio or the theatre makes me want to dance, and to start working on Make You Free, specifically... Alas.

...I really want to cosplay Gakuto sometime. I mean, I'm really excited to (possibly? Have we decided on this?) be Mizuki this summer, don't get me wrong. I just really want to be Gakuto someday. And, I mean, by normal person standards, I'm flexible, and I'm short, so... how could I go wrong? XD;

Uh... in other news, in Japanese today, Tiina announced that we were like the Ichinen Trio... and somehow, she became Horio, I became Kachiro, and a very tired, unobliging [ profile] britkit27 became Katsuo. XD;;; We were singing Kounai Ranking and stuff. XD;;; We're so cool.

Lastly, this song is entirely filled with Royal Pair. Seriously, [ profile] britkit27, how can you not see it?
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I know I shouldn't feel this bad about this, but...

I really really feel bad for making such fun of Yanagi Kotaro (Ryoma) for his less than stellar performance in Imperial Match. I don't think any of us knew what had happened, but this wikipedia article should clear it up. After what he said at the end of Dream Live Third, I was curious and... oh god, I really feel terrible.

I mean, I know he never knew I said any of it. And I know he's better now and everything. But like... if I had only known what he had gone through... I never would have said any of those things. It's such a miracle that he was even able to do the show... oh god...

I just... I'll be over it soon. But that doesn't change how absolutely terrible I feel. And I'm glad that he has Kimeru and Shirota to love him.
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Pick one of my RP characters and I'll answer the following questions about him or her.

1. What would your character kill for? What would they die for?
2. What would they refuse to do under any circumstances? Why?
3. What do they dream about? [Either literal or figurative, specify please.]
4. What’s their biggest fear?
5. What single object would they be most hard pressed to part with? Why?
6. What is their fondest memory?
7. What is their worst memory?
8. What or who was were their most significant influence? Expound.
9. What do they believe makes a successful life?
10. What makes them laugh?
11. What are their religious views?
12. What is their greatest strength?
13. Do they have a fatal flaw? If so, what is it?
14. Who is the most important person in their life?
15. If they died, who would miss them most? How would they die?

FYI... Hazel, Hakkai, Tokitoh, Edward, Mokuba, Fye, Sanzo, and I really feel qualified to do Ukoku, though I haven't actually played him before.


Feb. 3rd, 2009 12:16 pm
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And I'm miserable. XO If Tiina hadn't called me this morning I wouldn't have woken up... I don't know what happened to my alarm. I just want to lay down and die... BUT NO, I HAVE 2 MORE CLASSES YAY. Fucking Linda with her fucking class at fucking 6:30 at night...

Anyway... I made this last night. So yeah. This is... just because I feel like it. HUMOUR ME, I'M SICK.

mpreg!verse profiles~ ), those bios turned out more detailed than I expected. XD;; Lulz.


... I'm siiiiiiiiiick.


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